Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kill List...what in the world?

Cerita ni pelik, intriguing at first but when the 3rd act came in it left me confused (sampai xleh tido ni!). However if you've seen some titles that came out in recent years (I won't name em cause it'll definitely spoil the ending) you might have seen the ending coming..but still there are few weird scenes that will make you go heh? ...I know I did. Ok I want to name one movie that resembles this movie only cause the fame whore in me gotta be let loose from time to's A Serbian Film!..seriously near the 3rd act I got ASF vibe from for the other movie...well watch It..if you're a horror fan, you'll get it. Since it's like near morning and I need sleep I end with :

Definitely an Intriguing movie, with a few creepy scenes which goes hand to hand with the creepy score..oh and there's gore! yum! But watch out for the 3rd act,you'll either love it or hate it...I'm still undecided..leaning more towards loving it (after reading the few theories from IMDB board)..oh do opt for subs..English slang really made it difficult for me to understand.