Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012, what's coming at ya

U know I totally forgot, normally by this time i'd be looking at what's to come..and thanx to wonderful world of the internet, here are my most anticipated movie for 2012 ..oh BTW 2011 was better...*come on Scream 4 and Harry Potter finale kot!

American Reunion

I love the first and second 1, so yeah I'll be waiting for this one, plus SHANNON ELIZABETH!..MENA SUVARI! ...tara reid and ALYSON HANNINGAN in 1 movie..hell yeah! the trailer was kinda cool.

Amazing Spider Man

Still wanted Toby as Peter Parker but oh well..Andy Garfield would do I guess..and no Kristen? booooooooo! but Emma Stone? hmmm...*god i'm wishy washy. p/s : this poster is rad..patut beli x?

Cabin in the Woods

If not mistaken I was waiting for this movie to come out since last year..and only next year it's gonna get release???!?!..if this one sux I'm gonna be pissed!


Ok I hate the Avengers, as readers might get it (or not?) I'm a huge X-men fan..and avengers near always bust their balls in the I hate these people..but is that stopping me from watching this on the big screen? ..nope...Marvel da..oh I wanna end with Loki FTW

Snow White and the Huntsman

The trailer looks amazing!...seriously..I was sold..if only it wasn't Kristen Stewart ...y la y!!

The Hobbit

I'm a pretentious arse if I don't note this in my to see movie next year.

Underworld : Awakening

THIS is a vampire flick..nuff said..oh we don't have to wait long for this one..yay!

Project X

Looks fun, and I'm a sucker for 1 night/day movie..sold!

The Woman in Black

I read the book way back then, it scared the hell out of me. The british movie was slow but shit it does have it WTF yeah am reaaaallly looking forward for this one.Though I have to admit the trailer was a bit..sensationalize?

The Dark Knight Rises

Last Batman movie? *with mr. bale that is...there!

Silent Hill Revelation

betul ke ada ni? and kuar 2012? oh well hopeful ..cause the first one was the shit *the good kinds

Nurse 3D

CE-RI-TA APA NI?!?!??! there!

Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Halloween reboot was dumb..really dumb..I hate it, but it won't stop me from watching Halloween at the cinema...IF it shows here lah..doubtful..entah2 mau aku gi singapore tgk.

The Three Stooges

Fav aku ngan abg aku masa riang riang muda the trailer looks good and true to the original ...not entirely lah...nyuk nyuk nyuk

REC 3 Genesis

eh i'm into this sort of movies..tapi keluar kah Malaysia?


And finally this is my most anticipated movie for next year..I really hope it's good...and I really hope the Xenemorph would appear..please please appear!

other worthy mention : Brave,Total Recall, The Grey, John Carter, The Raven and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer (cool title)

Till Next year people..wohooooo!


asrap virtuoso said...

aku tambah "the hobbit" ngan "django unchained"

reza said...

django unchained <--barisan pelakon yg menarik...baik akan diperhatikan

TeeTwiddle said...

reza tolong make sure anda masukkan saya dalam list movie buds anda next year! saya mahu tengok semuanya..muahahahahahah

reza said...

boleh jer cik eda

Henzy said...

Yang maybe hanya sempat tgk dlm wayang adalah filem abg Nolan.

reza said...

ini ajakan ke? atau saja nak bangkitkan hope aku?