Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I remember while watching Conan 2011 with my cousin this year, she suddenly jab me on the side and asked .."nampak tak?" .. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary then. After the movie she told me what it was..remembering that I dl the movie and only yesterday I got the time to watch it back and yikes! betul...ada kalimah Allah..observe..dunno what is the intention but it certainly felt fishy..oh well..observe.

Look at the vases

Actually dunno what to write this week, just updating for the sake of an update...top 10 (or 20 we'll see how) turds and cool movies list will only be up next month as per my usual blog schedule..so till January moh pulun movie-movie 2011 ...trying to find tree of life now.


fadz said...

takde pun, mana nya??

reza said...

ada tu kat belah kiri (if ko memandang screen) ..pasu itam...kat kanan pon ada tapi side view