Friday, December 16, 2011

Just some words before the weekend approaches,

1. JGL is nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy / Musical for his amazing portrayal as a cancer victim in 50/50... YAY! (don't think he'll win though...lawan Ryan Gosling kot)

2. Uncanny X-Force : Dark Angel Saga is ending ...and I found this ah-mah-zing (for me lah) pic of Psylocke (love ya lots!) ..can't wait to get my hands on this issue.

3. Gonna run 12KM with my friends this weekend for Malakoff , closing the year with this.

4. And after 2 weeks of non interesting movie @ the cinema, I'm gonna watch MI4 felt incomplete without my weekly cinema outing peeps..

and with that happy weekends~...2 more weeks till 2012!


asrap virtuoso said...

ironic that most nominees for best picture at the golden globes isn't/hasn't been shown yet in malaysia...

reza said...

ya, kinda annoying if u ask me..and no mention of tree of life...i heard that was a good movie..heard je ah..never seen it yet.