Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Hunger Games Day!

What a good movie to start of with after my sorta long hiatus.
Yesterday I saw Hunger Games, with a friend (luckily!..thought everyone had watched it)

Going in I really don't know what to expect, I know it was a book first and it's sorta like Condemned (u know the one with Stone Cold) .. and after I watched it ... It's Battle Royale all over again...but with more background story and lesser violence (there are violence but most of it were offscreen). Now I love Battle Royale to death, if memory serves me right I once put it as my top 10 movie of all time during my uni days. (i don't have a top 10 movie of all time's simply impossible to have one) to see something similar to that movie brings much joy to me heart.

The big difference Hunger Games was in comparison with Battle Royale is the back least this time we actually know why the games were held...however the hour long about the journey before the game is a tad long..(the movie clocks in around 2 hrs 15 mins I think) they could at least cut some of the scenes short...specially the mushy stuff.

Now when the action starts it was ok .. not as badass as I wanted it to be .. but it'll do. The first massacre on the field was pretty well made, felt the tension eventhough nothing was actually shown but gory shit was implied. That's just it though...implied...lot of stuff happen offscreen which is a letdown. I prefer my movie to be slightly nasty .. and with tweens involve in the killings, it'll make the movie edgier.

Characters! Jennifer Lawrence was excellent!..she hits all the emotional like a pro..I felt the tears man! Gotta start watching this chic..she can go far. The others? They did good too, Lenny Kravitz was believable ... Rue was too cute! .. Peeta was okay I guess, the actor had done better in past movie ... District 1 & 2 tributes were cool enough and then I notice District 2 knife (dagger?) wielding chic ...she's Esther from Orphan!...I like her! like like! ... and she did well..she played a psychotic chic well...that's her niche!..find more roles like this please.

Overall I enjoyed the movie (not love though BR still rules) and eagerly await the next chapter of this franchise (it will be a franchise kan?)


asrap virtuoso said...

Battle Royale has been on my must-see list for years, but somehow I still haven't seen it

reza said...

watch it, i was impressed when i watched it back then...and still do

Henzy said...

Yup, Battle Royale actually is something else (back then). Skrg ni byk movie lebih kurang (Death Race, Stone Cold movie).

Tapi tu lah, BR kurang back story. Maybe nak buat org tertunggu2 Remake dari US kot?

thanezra said...

i meant *and still am

henzy : ini dah kira remake jugak kot...aku x rasa america nak wat filem seganas / se-controversial BR, oh tapi if kor baca Manga BR...backstory banyak!..(character wise ) we still dunno what started the BR