Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey Peeps! Am back after 2 weeks of vacationing.
Would firstly like to thank my partner in crime Siber for updating the blog while I was gone, don't want those tumbleweeds tumbling across my blog now again don't we?
So what I've missed?
Seems like a lot, during those 2 weeks of traveling and enjoying other people's country I didn't get a chance to catch a movie, wanted to..but the exchange rate was killer..balls!
Probably end of this week I'll try to catch John Carter, Hunger Games or Wrath of the Titans ( this week kuor kan?)..problem is seems like everyone has watch John Carter and Hunger Games...looks like I'll be watching those two alone :(
And to close I just read and saw the official FULL trailer of Prometheus was out a week back...and YUMMY!....loving it loving it!...I think I caught a glimpse of the Space Jockey...if that is in fact the Space Jockey...boy o boy I can't wait for this flick to come out...until next post..ta!


Siberkop said...

Haha, terus aku post baru kat atas. :-p

reza said...

cet..laju jer hang