Monday, April 09, 2012

Dark Flight 407 ... nok!

Pantas ini Siber, aku baru nak update dia dah update..

Nway..last weekend was a fun one, saw a Thai Horror Flick Dark Flight 407, it was marketed as the first 3D horror from Thailand..but I wasn't really interested in watching it in fact wasn't interested in watching it at all (trailer looked lame)..was pushing for Mirror-Mirror (which was weird, cause I'm more of a horror fan) ..but alas the majority won. So Dark Flight it is.

And as expected, it was pretty stupid...HOWEVER the movie is admittedly enjoyable. It's stupid but still enjoyable..this solely base on the characters (which also includes ghost) they came up with whom were mostly was probably unintentional but I found it mucho hilarious! The "penari kebudayaan" ghost (as my friends called her, NOK! (yes there's a character named NOK!) ..which made the whole group I was with LAUGHED OUT LOUD instantly...then there's Prince who was sorta over the top but has his cool moment..the scientist turned priest...the 2 whites who were not appealing at all...and many many more. There were all cool and funny! (and as mentioned earlier it could be unintentional but I laughed at em). Now the 3D , eventhough I did not watch it in 3D,it was obvious where the 3D scenes were utilized...and I think it could have been awesome. (think) As for the scares...not too shabby..there were a few eerie moment. 1/3 of the movie was pretty good.

The bad (a lot), the set was laughable..please point me which airline has a wide aisle as what was shown in the movie...seriously Please! Logic wise I'm gonna let it slide since it's a horror flick but there were some WTF this won't happen in real life. Some of the ghost were really idiotic looking...the constantly levitating 3 air stewardess were not only annoying, they looked stooopid! The heroine lead...LAME..and didn't do much. Resolution and reason behind the hauntings? pretty dumb..

Overall watch it with your friends like I did, we were howling making fun of the idiotic ghost and weird characters in that movie the whole way, but don't expect it to be something like Shutter or the more establish horror flicks from Asia.