Monday, March 24, 2008

Remembering Ed Wood

Arituh tgk Ed's like finally!This is one of Johnny Depp's movie yg aku dah lama teringin nak usha.Then finally found it...Ed Wood is a biography movie bout this one director who is considered the worst director ever (Uwe Boll might be next)is an insight look of his life's work and also the making of one of the suckiest movie to ever have been created...Plan 9 from Outer Space..oh and this movie is directed by Tim Burton.(burton and depp together...shockerrrrr! :P)

Well basically from what I saw in the film...Ed Wood is a weirdo..potrayed ever so excellent by Deep..and also from what I see it's no brainer why he got the worst director ever award..HOWEVER...he got soul...sian tgk mamat nih..he really wants to direct a movie..and he got the passion..but lack of talents..personally i think he should have stop and at least work behind production.But nooo...however it does indicate he have guts..or in denial..hmmm, i'll go with guts.And also after watching came to me that..maybe if I directed a may be the same case as this dude..u'll never know..u may have the passion..but it doesn't mean ur good at it.

In this movie also we got to look @ Bela something life before he died...he is well known for potraying a Vampire..but aas he got older no one wants him anymore.This part doesn't interest me much though..buttttt! the making of the movies Ed did was a riot!...FYI Ed Wood doesn't believe is second take..he only does 1 take..and thats doesn't matter if someone hit a wall or whatever..he'll just can it.Woah much?The funny thing is he said it's realistic.Then there's this one footage involving an octopus..the stole the robotic octopus but forgot to take the poor Bela have to struggle with the Octopus indicating the thing is trying to kill him.

Anyhoo..i like this did win an award..i think for something..but Johnny didn't win anything..seriously..someone give him an award..bitch lah oscars..what are they waiting for?For him to reach 60 and have saggy tits?shheeesh...great movie, bittersweet ending..8/10

And after watching Ed Wood..I wanted to watch Plan 9 from outer Space..and i found it...whopeeeeeeeeeeeeee!..and it was to die for...everything bout the movie was wrong..the logic..the flow..the fx..acting was ok but nothing to scream about..Vampyra was funny!.She has the tightest waist i've ever does she breath?Seriously..everything bout this movie was wrong..1 time its day then the next shot is night??!?!?WTF...the fx is definately dumb but i'll ignore that since those days the FX is not actually great.

Plot?Something bout an alien invasion, they're pissed and us because the army ignores what do they do...they use their "ray gun" and zaps the recently deceased and bring em back to life..ehehehe.Actually the early part involving pissed aliens was ok i guess..but then they include vamps and undead?? that's silly.

Oh and the shot kept repeating..haiyoooo..reminds me of Shark Attack movies where they kept repeating the shark underwater attack.*see people do follow footsteps from before.But is a sucky movie..but and enjoyable one cause i kept laughing..but it did went dull went all the dialogues kick in near the end..they should have stick with the dumb it if u dare..:D

26/03 : Dah edit nama..puas?


Che underscore Lee said...

ok kecik giler pinggang vampyra nih... balance ke dia jalan weih? ke dia ada buang any organ kat area pinggang dia? hehe..

Dela said...

i'm not a fan of johnny depp sangat tapi i like most of his characters. weirdo and somehow creatively done by burton. those 2 works well.

eh tapi ejaan ko tatau ko typo ke tak tapi deep is supposed to be depp kan.

and this movie in b&w ke? cam awesome gak.

reza said...

lala :not typo..mmg aku salah eja bad!..aah black and lah cerita nih dels..try ah usha

zar : mmg semacam pinggang dia..aku pon pelik...nak kata corset..takkan gitu sekali..apa2 cerita nih lawak

milo boyd said...

ok..ko nak sebut nama bf aku..ko sebut btol2 eh..DEPP ok DEPP!!..nih aku nak ngamuk nih!

nak carik edward the scissorhands balik.. emememe

yg benar,
gf yg loyal

reza said...

sekali sekala salah eja...janji pembayangnyer sama ?