Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In Malaysia is a handfull, yesterday I went through the company's planner and was wow-ed by the difference in numbers of Malaysia holidays and the's like Malaysia -17 vs USA -8. And I have to follow USA's holiday!! arrghhh! bila lah nak keje ikut jadual Malaysia nih!Tension aku tgk perbezaan these two..why can't the States people create more holidays..seriously..ur a BIG ass country...there's always an excuse for a holiday..or does this mean US peeps are more hardworking than us?..i definately don't think so..maybe they have longgg paid leave i dunno..

Then I notice Japan..dates*it's there cause there are some peeps in mah company works under Japan shift*..Japan also got a lotttttttt of holidays..slightly few than us but definately more than the states..and when i go through these holidays...i was like WHAT!?!?!...benda nih pon nak diholiday-kan? here's the 4 example of holidays that I'm a wee bit confuse about..

Greenery Day : I don't get this

Children’s Day : Okkkkkkkkk, we also have childrens day but do we close shop for that day??..don't think so (excuse for a holiday)

Respect of the Aged Day : This one baffles me...what do they do on this day?....let loose the elderly? :P i can see it now..."go grandad.. play!"

Culture Day : Another excuse for a holiday

AutumnDay : ....Then i suggest malaysia should make SummerDay..comeon! Autumn day??!?! excuse gila!!...

*please note i didn't check why they have this holiday..i'm THATlazy..and it could be also that Japan loves flowers..cause most of it is floral related holidays?? it is..i'm gonna put Respect of the Aged Day under the worst excuse for a holiday.

the end, aku nak bercuti sebenarnyer...


Che underscore Lee said...

nak public holiday banyak? haa pi pindah Sri Lanka..

If I'm not mistaken, Sri Lanka ialah country yg paling banyak public holidays.

26 days altogether.. tak termasuk yg cuti based on states.. Imagine state yg paling ngengada cuti extra.. tak ke diorg dpt cuti sebulan utk setahun? hehehe...

Dela said...

aku ada ini buku nota di blkgnyer ada world holidays. menarik gak tau serba serbi tntg hal dunia (hal dunia lah sangat~)

tapi aku paling kesian = china? 4 hari je cuti kah?

dan ada ini japan:
health & sports day? emph kalau takat health n sports day napa tak buat all year round. tetiap hari ada kene mengena ngna health & sports apa.

usa pon ada veterans day (ala respect the aged day la kot yer) aku sian gak. mebe derang tanak orang terlalu keje sangat ke kot, at least ada masa utk parents yg dah tua sangat ke kot?

aku a few ada je cam 'alah... saja nak cuti' ish.

tapi kengkadang i wish ada those such days jugak in malaysia supaya cuti selalu :P

reza said...

Izar : ish kor...sri lanka?...kor nak aku keje apa kat sana..."it support????!!"

Silicone : USA veterans day tuh tuk remembering those war vets...lain..ker..Japan pon war vet..well they should have specified!! tak pesal2 aku imagine jalan2 jepun arituh penuh ngan elderly main2 basikal

Siberkop said...

Ramai yang keje IT support adalah from 'Texas' la. Tak byk cuti gak.

Hmm how about Silicone day? Anyone?