Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wolverine...that fame ho

This is a comic related yapping post.
Wolverine, I hate im...he's seriously overexposed nowadays..dude needs to be killed and then bring back like 4-5 years later (like most X-Men characters were)
Initially when I started reading X-men late 80s Wolverine was pretty cool, a rugged middle age soldier..but since the movie came out..the dudes is overuse. Bub is everywhere!..he's even in the Avengers now!!!
Plus most covers even he's not a major character in that particular issue, his mug would be there..up front along with other X-men..but most of the time..he'll be place in the middle. He's even in some of the comics that doesn't really require his presence like New Muntants (fav!) and Generation Hope..bore man bore! ..
There a lots more of X characters to be develop like Dazzler or the lately really underuse Storm...heck even the new batch of kids could share some of the spotlight from time to time...look at Sooraya Qadir..where is she now?..the most I've seen her is like just 1 panel in like 5 issues this year...yeeeeeeesh!

and now..Cyclops and Wolvie are fighting..and Uncanny X-men..the longest running X-book..will end (until they decided to continue it again after a year..I'm hopeful) and 2 new books will be created..with 2 different X-Men groups. One team Emma (I dunno what will happen to Cyclops..dead?recovering?) and one team Wolverine..team Emma comic will be titled Uncanny X-men #1 (rebooted..but why bother kan?)...and Wolverine's team? ...Wolverine and the X-men #1 ...sigh. Oh come on! I know which comic I'll be buying now..however..I think I may even have to buy Whore n the X-men..solely due to the fact that my fav X-Men Psylocke might be in it..i don't see her joining team Emma...dang it! I guess I just have to deal if that happens..oh well..till next time..oh how's puasa? (sempat)


eDa said...

sumpah aku x faham apa yang ko bebelkan..aku tau wolverine, cyclops and storm. that's it. hahahaha "P

reza said...

errr hehe basically aku bebel ke-overexposed -an si Wolverine dlm comic sampai aku naik mual...dia merata2 dlm comic sekarang..padahal banyak jer character lain yg perlu di expose..


Emma = Gf Cyclops sekarang
Sooraya Qadir = X-men keturunan Arab
Psylocke = fav x-men
Generation Hope dan New Mutants = sub comics pada x-men

oh juga..x-men akan berpecah..cause Wolverine tgh gaduh ngan cyclops..so tu aku juga cam demnit ada team wolverine! with his name on the cover!!!!