Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life imitating Art imitating Life

No BIG post today,fairly tired,spent most of the day lazing around the room.Mostly cause just shifted to another office.Anyway enuff bout me.Just wanted to point out Izar's nicely written "novel" which left me hanging at the end...dude u gotta create a greater ending!..well anyway like i told him,if this was a real life situation and we all are watching him,i picture it something like this one scene in Never Been's the scene

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life imitating art huh, oh the sub is there i didn't edit it,coincidence no?

actually i dunno what to update today,just wanted to be a bit naughty a point out dela in the scene above..oh! and joe :P

I leave u with a picture of Gellar bitting the dust early on the movie Grudge2 (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!)

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joey jo jo said...

ei,ko lupa nak labelkan izar... he's tat guy behind dela.

reza said...

joe...were watching a video bout izar

jo jo said...

okeh, his twin then

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahahaha BABIII!

there's a part II of the Wall.. nanti lah aku update.. tak larat nak "menovelkannnya" skang ni hehehe..

p/s: eh tu bukan reka2 novel plis.. almost the exact words.. cuma real life it was manglish!

reza said...

izar : chup2 ada title ke?tak perasan sebelum nih lak aku.

joe : boleh gak, tapi kalau gitu semua sekali lah kena namakan

dela said...

haha..bab*...hey i'm not dark at all..that must be you.. =))

reza said...

that's the closing thing that looks like u

reza said...

closing? apa benda aku tulis nih?