Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ok marah!

Finally I can spill my thoughts!I've been dying to spill my guts since Sunday,but since some of the ladies didnt want to be spoiled until they've seen the show on their own...heck i gotta keep my mouth shut.

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Ok here's the story....why ohhhh why did MEGAN get booted!!!!Seriously didn't see that coming,in fact most of the people I've known who've watched it predicted it'll be Jaeda(who really really deserve to go first) rather than MEGAN..damn~This girl has lots more to offer,and she's really strong..I mean look how she explain how she lost her mother,emotionless...now that's a strong lady!...and that's a sad story, unlike monique's made up story(im guessing its made up...dont quote me)

And to say she's boring?HEY Jaeda is equally boring!,at least Megan got a backstory..some cool history..oh not to forget, her makeover made her look like Charlize Theron...yummmmm...

Oh another thing, did anyone say her cute expression when tyra gave her the makeover look....IT'S TO DIE FOR!!

Anyway back to topic...the only reason i think tyra didnt want to let go of Jeada yet is because she doesnt want to blacks to get eliminated back to back...logic??..my respect for Tyra has gone down a notch!..Hopefully this year winner wont be Monique if not I'll stop watching ANTM! (eh tak tak acah jer)

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In other news, ANCHAL IS HOTTTTTTTTT! SIZZLING LIKE CURRY HOTTTT.man when her shot roles out for the credits...I was like HOTTTTTTTT(gaya ckp tuh cam cahaya gemilang dari bakang..takpon angle2 turun)me thinks she's the prettiest in the bunch this season...but i still dont think she'll win...like earlier i said...i think somewhere in the middle..but far enuff.

And MEG!...gotta loose the "bongkok-ness"...though i'm currently supporting Meg,Caridee and Mellrose, I will drop Meg from my list if halfway through the show she still walks like this.

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Meanwhile just wanna add...this ep's photoshoot sux...the hell with those hair.


Che underscore Lee said...

huhuhu... CariDee still rawks! And Anchal and AJ is my new fav!

reza said...

aku suka part anchal tekan2 dial phone tuh, gila lawak dan padan muka monique...pasnih mengharap anchal ngan melrose double team lempang monique,baru puas hidup

Che underscore Lee said...

Haaah time tu muka Anchal memang cam emo giller. Dan Monique logic je producer suruh simpan sampai final 4/3 sebab utk editing yang best for the dddrrraaaamaa

Dela said...

ala entry ko ni tak best (pada aku)..i know you wanna be one of them but..aku tak folow antm.... :P (saja je nak provoke kor) i levvvvvvvv:p.

reza said...

oh so sorry dela,

i forgot every post i created is FOR U!