Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Type of Top Ten

This time's top ten would be slightly doesn't touch any movie scene, however! it is movie related.Remember the time when u are really so into watching this movie, u'll buy the ticket earlier, leave work early,heck even drive like crazy in order to reach the place on time...and finally u you reached there and happily watching the movie, the suckiest thing happend...u got an annoying viewer nearby! NOW THIS really really turn me here's the tribute to those people who annoy us human beings trying to watch a good show


10.Those parents

Who : those parents who brought their kids along watching a serious/none kiddie related movie...ok I dont mind if they ask a lot of question blah3, that's good...BUT! when they bring in a very very small kid (sometimes) who have the capabillity to scream any time possible...NOW THAT IS annoying...have u people heard bout babysisters?hello...heck u can even send them to someone else's house to take a care of them 2-3 hours!

9.The Cute Gf

Who : The cute gf is the one who acts cute just to get the bf's study : X-men3 (xmen 3 ok! emo!)...this girl beside me went oh'oh nearly every single scene...first time was ok..second was ok, 3rd time she's pushing her luck.The annoying thing is...some of the scene u dont even need the o'oh..i pity the thinks he knows his gf is overdoing it...but in order to u know what...he closes his eyes and go grabby crazy.

8.The Tremor

Who : The guy / girl who shakes the chair for no reason..maybe it's genetic I don't know (and care) is more annoying if that person is behind u...if I want a vibrating seat, i'll go buy that message chair thank u very much.

7. The Ringing Handphone

Who : This is not a rare case, happens in nearly any cinema..i can accept if it was an u forgot (hey it happens) but if the hp kept ringing again...and the person takes his/her own sweet time to pick it that is cursing worthy.Case Study : JAA masa tgk Final Fantasy...lagu negaraku lak tuh!...nasib dia tak wat dah...kalau tak...

6. The props

Who : Now this only happened to me once, but by god is this annoying....some kid brought in a balloon into the cinema (how did she get pass through with that obvious thing?....i dont know) its one thing to block the person behind u with that balloon but it's another thing to let go of it and block the projector and then the show had to be stopped because they have to bring down that balloon!...this happend with razli if im not was zorro 2 rite?

5. The Indon

Who : No offence to them, but when they started talking I have to eavesdrop on what they are saying cause it's just plain damn funny...hence it disturbed my concetration on the movie...Case Study : LOTR : Return of the King ...some of the lines "ehhh tgk itu orang rupa2nyer pendek" so clever.

4. The "brenda"

Who : This is refering to Brenda from the first Scary Movie..where she annoys the whole cinema doing lots of antics...most notable...when she answers the aware of the others trying to watch the's ok to answer and the talk in least u tried.But when u babble all the way without thinking of that's shit!It gets shittier...if the converstation went on for more that a minute..and they ignore everyone shushing them..There should be a rule of throwing popcorns to those people...that might teach them...hopefully.

3. The overactors

Who : This is refering to those people who probally wants the limelight...cause they kept on telling tall tales where no one even study : Tommorrow Never Dies, line "wahhhhh aunty ur acting is so gleat woo"...referring to Michelle dlm hati : AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH dan dan aunty ko yeh..More case study : Resident Evil with Iwan after Milla gave an awesome kick to the zombie-dogs head...some people stood and clap...*abih fanboy ler tuh?

2. The Predictors

Who : Now these people are annoying..they predict everything on what's to come...and if it rang true...ho they boast bout it..and they spoke it out loud...two times this thing happend to me, 1: Watching the Grudge (grudge! gellar! waaaa babi kau perempuan gila)...the girl beside me predicted everything out loud...the funny thing is...the thing is so obvious i bet the whole cinema knows it but she was the only one who is "clever" enuff wanting to speak up. 2:I think this guy is one of the most annoying and azmir was watching One missed call 2...and this IDIOT!...kept predicting everything...and boast all he can...when it came true...dude SHUT IT!

1.The talkers

Who : Now this people I dont understand...if u need to talk, go elsewhere..the problem is what they are talking bout is not "movie related" but their life outside...and i'm like why dear god why.If it's only for awhile that's "eh kau dah kunci kereta ke tadi?" but it's not ok when "eh ko tau tak semalam kan blah 100x", the happend to me twice..once while watching Kingdom of Heaven, luckily the guy stopped when someone hush him...and then this Indon couple in Zorro2...eventhough lots of people hush them..5 minutes after that they started talking again..what is it the in thing to talk in the cinema in indonesia?..u tell me.

now that ended the list, however I do like watching movies with these type of people :

i.people who reacts genuinely...specially if they screamed...hoho i love it,love it ,loving it like that...most memorable is when I watched IKWYDLS, kudos to the crowd.oh and also those guys from Bainun while watching Deep Blue times
ii.people who ask great question..regarding the movie..but not too loud.
iii. people who just sit still and watch attentively,love u

my resolution for those idiots mood sucker in the movies? look below

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Razli said...

Ya, citer Zorro 2. Bulan puasa tahun lepas ah pun kita tgk tak silap. Mana entry pasal gadis Indo? Ooo simpan dkt hati ye?

ajurina said...

entry paling kreatif..
gelak besar aku bace..
most of them are very true..
oh ya ko patut add lagi..

11. The Clown
- silap cinema kot.. atau die expect comedy film
Case study: Monster House.. mamat 2-3 orang duduk paling atas gelak annoying gile time part tak patut gelak contoh part budak 3 orang dalam rumah.. aku cam nak halau je.. tak pun cekak pinggang ala-ala cikgu disiplin kat derang..

Izar said...

Yezzaa patut add satu lagi!

12. The one who talk back to the screen.

Case Study: Menonton Dark Water dgn Iskandar, then ade indon2 kat belakang kitorg: "Waduhhh jangan! Jangan!! Itu bukan anakmu!!!, itu setann!!" dengan sepekat-pekat Indonnya! Macam la pelakon tu nak dgr nasihat ko!

Dan aku sangat agree dgn org2 yg gegar2kan seats! And I know you referring to who!! Bwahahahaaha!

Anonymous said...

one day my neighbour brought her 4 years son to watch movie for the first time.after they sited her son stand on the chair and scream loudly
" ummi.... besonyer TV"
my neighbour told me that was the first n last time they go for movie.

reza said...

razli : entry indo tak sesuai tuk topic sekarng nih, dan zorro 2 tuh mmg 2 kejadian kan?..nasib cerita tak seberapa..kalau tak sentap :P

ajurina : actually mmg ada nak tulis orang kuat gelak tuh, terjadi kat aku gak..time tgk pirates...tak abih2 sorang minah nih gelak...johnny deep jatuh *gelak, johnny deep lari *gelak, johnny deep jalan *gelak..pehal?

izar : derang menghayati tuh, tapi bila dicakap indon, harus stop tgk screen dan nak dengar ngan tekun

anonymous : bagus at least derang sedar

Razli said...

Entry ko nie mengingatkan aku pada citer Janji Joni. Eh apsal tetiba termasuk jugak unsur2 Indo? Hohohoho...

milo boyd said...

dan ko patut tambah: kepale2 org yg tinggi!! tak reti2 nak dok ke bwh sikit ke?? pastu kepale nak gerak kiri kanan dok diam2 bleh?(emo) aku tau laa aku pendek!! tp pendek lg dela tauuu!!!

budak kj said...

kesians dela.

reza, ada jugak those annoying ppl yg body odour bagaikan tong sampah DBKL (sampah org pj harum sket). Ni biasanyer gnileks la sbb...well, its them. Mmg seksa nak mengkonsentrasi tgk movie sbb bau yg neraka.

reza said...

razli : demn janji joni tak tgk2 lagi, takper aku akan.

milo : leh memahami tapi rasa takder hal dah, pawagam sekarang bertingkat,dulu cam Cathay, Lido zaman2 kat Ipoh dulu lurus jer, mmg if orang depan tinggi leh kecewa...tambah yg pakai turban

joe : kesian derang

Siberkop said...

Nice one ASSer, nice one.


azreen said...

ehehehe :p link ku..

Anonymous said...

eh silap.. patutnye :P

( pada yang lelain mahap lerr.. komen tak berkenaan.. aku takjub leh access mende alah merapu kat opis.. sian....opis ni keji.. seme block :p)

Razli said...

"tambah yg pakai turban" ~ Bangsat ah, tergelak2 aku baca reply ko nih. Cam aku mental image ada orang pakai turban dlm pawagam. Ko kena tgk Reza 'Janji Joni', baru lah bertambah isu2 yg ko leh borak dgn awek Indo.

reza said...

takmo ah awek indon, nama mereka pelik2, yenti leh? bunyi yetti...another kind of big foot

anyway cik reen, link kor tak function pon,beria2 aku linkkan kelam kabut

Dela said...

=)) babi lah entry nih...tapi the truth.......

yg pasal belon tu how's that possible giler? tak penah2 aku tau leh bawak masok belon. ko letupkan je la..nengkali bawak panah. ada belon je pop kan. tak pon sapa2 yg annoying leh je tembak guna tuh. multipurpose.

kudos to gamba last2 tuh =)). cita2 ko sangat.

Ed said...

aku nak tambah. "The one with nasi kandar". Actually aku tak tahu apa yg dia makan. ada satu geng pak arab neh... ntah bawak makanan apa ntah. giler sedap jer diorg melantak dlm cinema. pastu bau dia... bergema ke seluruh alam... and i was soooooooo lucky to seat just next to them... kill em! kill em! kill em!!!!!