Sunday, October 15, 2006


Now here's a bit of a shocker, last thursday I got a major headache,felt like thousand knives poking my brain, the best part is when i went to the dr's he said my blood pressure was wayyy high...that gave me a fright, was it work related on plain bloody haze, me thinks its all in one, including I ate something wrong beforehand.But still to be told that u got high blood pressure is kinda scary.Oh and thanks Dela for finding my health related problem so funny, really appriciate it.


Anyway to the movies we go,eventhough I was let go early..I didn't straight away went back home,I figured I might as well enjoy Grudge 2 that is supposedly out that day, but unfortunately it'll only be out on Fridays,but heck im still gonna see the Grudge2 on the first day, no matter what...demi Gellar katakan.

The Grudge 2

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Verdict : Well I'm a bit dissapointed,and it's not because Gellar got off pretty quickly (and lackluster i might add, imagine Jamie's last battle with Micheal in Halloween :Insurrection)First and foremost, pacing....babi slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!It gets very very draggy in the middle.I know they wanted to explain more about ayako's past life, but seriously it's nothing that shocking, and doesn't explain anything bout why the hell she goes all vengefull on others.Then some backstory bout Karen and her sis, ugh snorefest!...i dont give a damn what happen back then,get on with the story!Then the kills, most of the kills are uninspiring and dull and not scary..there are some good ones but most of it are bahhhhhhhhhhh!

Then the ending, I dont get it..what does it mean?Is amber tamblyn*eh takmo spoil!but whatever it is, ending is a bit confusing and too fast to my liking(time tuh laju lak dia)

Now the good, there are scary parts that gave me goosebumps..i wont say when but this one time really made me jump...and that freaking voice is still scary!Acting was ok,good enuff but Amber Tamblyn didnt have much to do,her character is just plain dull, I prefer that girl that got trapped in the closet better,she's fun.The worst in the bunch is that Jap girl,damn she can't act.

Then the subplot of another family, that is kinda cool, it made me think what the hell is this a lot of times,but explanation and the end could be done better.What else ya...oh ayako is still scary as hell, but the kid has lost its touch,maybe cause he seems bigger now.

All in all an ok show,I'm a bit dissapointed but I'll still buy the dvd,Gellar ada katakan..2.5/5



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Verdict : Hmmm, well joe pick this story, truthfully I'm that excited to see this but I still do want to watch it.Luckily Joe got tix, so what the heck..lets just see it.Bare in mind I didnt sleep much the day before cause I got home from Grudge2 at 2a.m then slept around 3.30 the sahur blah3...then go to work...then got lost finding joe's basically i was very very tired.

Now world trade, what do I think of it,it was ok,not my cup of tea though...the tagline says the world see evil that day...oh really? what bout previous wars? what bout the slaughtering in Bosnia all that?...shesh...yeah when it comes to them everything is dramatic.That's the biggest issue i had with the movie,sure it doesn't say directly who was responsible, but hey we know who u guys meant.

Then the draggy part in the middle, oh wow, next to reading my history book, i think this would make another great alternative for making me doze off easily.I don't know how many times i doze off...though it is boring, but then again it is kinda realistic what they discuss bout, its just that these conversation...i can just talk bout it with anyone, its nothing new..oh i love my wife2 blah3..ur expecting no shock factor there..

THEN there's this one scene, im not gonna say directly which scene cause it may offend some people but oh my god that scene is so so corny,it made me laugh a bit and others in the crowd were laughing along...seriously, that scene looks really really foolish and out of place.

The good,what i like about this movie is that,like what the movie wanna potray(apart from we saw evil that day..whatever)..people do come together when there is a crisis..and that made me felt awesome in a way..the way everyone tried their best to help these two policeman.It made me smile in a way.

Then the acting, top notch i like everyone except for nicholas cage who acts like he's sleeping through the whole movie...good acting..not!Oh and when the building fell..woah..! nicely done.

All in all a good film, but I kinda real but i want more..etc (people in the building story yada2)..i give 3/5



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Verdict : Because i wasnt that pleased with WTC, i went to see another movie JTMD...and i'm in need to i guess watching this will do the trick..but was I right or wrong?

I'm happy to say im right!...this film is a riot!...the beginning till the end, the jokes never ends...and i dare dub this movie as this year's MEAN GIRLS..though not as good, but its still crazy fun.

There are sooooooo many memorable funny scenes in this movie..and dare i say..original?..the jokes i mean, the plot has been done loadsss of time.I totally dig the way they narate this story and how they plan on getting their revenge.Loved their plan...and loved it more when it got screwed up.

The girls are bank!loved em, great characters all together,'specially the cute and naive..ehehhe love those type of characters...and john tucker..really not that bad...he hit a home run for me during the estrogen scene..damn funny.

BUT!i dont think the msg was actually justice was actually brought at the ended just like that...very veryyyyyy easy...i was hoping more of a Never Been Kissed speech "WHY HER,WHY HER...LET ME TELL U SOMETHING BOUT THIS GIRL...blah3" in the lines of that...but that never really happend.

But luckily..eventhough the ending kinda sux..the movie is really fun!never a dull moment..loved it..3.5/5


Dela said...

oh aku la kena? orang lain sebut and laugh tak kena?

ko dasar ass.

anyhoot. oh u're still an ass.

ko dah tak leh makan izar dah. pasal izar red blood meat. ko dah tak leh makan lembu. ko dah takleh makan aku. ko dah tak leh makan steak (tu lembu la yer). ko dah tak leh makan kambing (terlalu) . ko dah tak leh makan erm erm apa lagi.

reza said...

ur mistake is u let it be known...and the others i told them personally and laugh along with them

u made it sound like its something funny

Dela said...

well u didn't tell me that's the thing . humph

reza said...

next time dont assume,enuff im so over this, im moving along

Ed said...

ha ha ha and ha... hikhik... but reza... take it from the bright side... its a good diet babe...

ajurina said...

nice.. 3 movies in one entry.. but none i am eagerly want to watch.. download la nanti bila time dah basi.. lost is still in priority list.. heh

reza said...

ed : sehari takder maknanyer

jurina : xfiles S4 dah lengkap,dan kenapa satu cerita tuh pon hang takmo tgk?

Dela said...

gedik sungguh reza....majuk cam pompuan:p

reza said...

stick and stones fatty

Dela said...

u're gonna grow up kust like ur father i tell you

duan said...

aku baru je balik dari menengok John Tucker Must Die "padan muka John Tucker yg tak guna" - seperti yg dialih bahasa masa kat wayang tu.

verdict? LOVED IT! story best.. very well written..walaupun ada sedikit cam Mean Girls...tapi still good. character black girl tu Ashanti ke..?

agak mengecewakan bile ko kata Grudge 2 tak berapa best..sbb aku excited nak tgk.. sbb aku suke The Grudge..

reza said...

"padan muka John Tucker yg tak guna"

AAH! aku lupa,ahahahha mmg aku gelak gak tgk title tuh

and finally someone yg ckp kisah movie

Izar said...

Tak aajjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk!!!

reza said...

kor sendiri tau ko dah balik kan