Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movies movies

Lama tak review movie seh...dah piling up dah beberapa,takper i'll make it short and sweet...first up


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Plot : This happy go lucky big gal wanted to join this group of young dancers who consist of Britanny Snow,Zac Efron and others.She got in but faces some challenges from Britanny Snow and her mom.Happy2 sunshine songs ensues.

Perasaan : Going into the movies(alone! i might add) I was actually,well wasn't interested..i didnt even see the trailer..It was just something at the moment that I had to pick something..and Hairspray was it.And I like it!Scratch that...loveddddddd it!!!..from the beginning the big gal started dancing till the end.That girl was...toooooooo cute.I can't help but fall for her.And personally it's one of the best ensembled cast I've seen in a while,everyone is good.The songs were terrific,i felt like jumping up with joy .At the end of the show I felt like going barging out from the cinema while singing Good Morning Baltimore while other movie goers from behind come bouncing,flip and doing a cartwheel from behind.That's how good Hairspray is...dont fricking miss it.8/10

Wrong Turn 2

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Plot : Some producers think it would be an excellent idea to shoot a reality show in the woods where these 6 people are thrown in and try to survive.Oh, and there are mutated humans lurking in the woods.

Perasaan : Wrong Turn was a classic,and when I heard the second one was made for video...haiyaaaaaaaaa and groan.But when I actually saw the piece,It wasn't that bad..some of the cast are actually likeable and there are a few surprises here and there.Nudity is a must since Crystal Lowe is in it (she drop it off in FD3 and Black Christmas)..the gore was disgusting but me like.One problem Feast..there was this perverted scene that I actually don't like..I find it tasteless.Other than A ok film for me. 6/10


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Plot : An uptight girl hitch a ride from this dude to her hometown since the flight was full.Bitchin and moaning ensues...and then later they got stranded on a deserted road and it's dead cold outside.Then some ghost pop up here and there.

Perasaan : Wake me up when its over. 4/10.Emily Blunt how could you!!!!!


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Plot : Mardi Grass(betul ke ejaan nih?aku main tembak jer LOL) is here.And these stupid tourist decided to take a spook ride rather than join in the fun.Later they got stuck in the swamp and this ugly mutated looking good started chasing them and hack them up good..REALLLLLLLL GOOD.

Perasaan : Ok first off,Harmony from Buffy is in there!!!AWww i missed her...and then..she went topless!!!LOL.And the scene for me is one of the funniest scene in the movie.The bimbos in here rocks!Appart from the gore the jokes in this movie is to die for,hence me like this movie.It's new's fresh and hip.OH not for the faint heart.But for Dela so she'll get ideas to flash the camera. 7.5/10

Death Proof

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Plot : An old stuntman hunts young girls for fun.Killing them in/using his Death Proof times.

Perasaan : I like this movie for the realistic dialog..i can't remember who..I think it's Dela who once said realistic dialogs are cool and feels not forced..which I gotta agree...however the only problem is this movie tend to drag the conversation way toooooooo long.But when the kills started...WOAHHHH!..Those who are impatient should not watch this..cause this story have two parts..both for an hour.But I promise you the last 30 minute is one of the funniest revenge scenes EVER!..seriously!EVERRRRRR!...7.5/10

Resident Evil : Extinction

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Plot : Continuing from the last installment.Alice is still alive and running from the Umbrella cooperation.The earth is one big ass dessert now so humans are really close to become extinct.But there is hope..i think.

Perasaan : Milla is still hottttttttt..oh man she age really really well.Still remember her from the Multipass days..haih.Anyway..though she is pretty..this gotta be her worst acting role ever..i dont buy it when she got emotional..maybe it's the dialog i dunno.However when she kick ass and be all Linda Hamilton..she rocks!.Others are ok I guess..not much of em...luckily!specially Ashanti.The plot is a wee bit weak...whatever happen to Jill..come could they leave one that charater!shesh..but the action sequence are great...the crow part is cool.So i end with it's better than the second but it could have been much much more.7/10.Milla rocks!!


Che underscore Lee said...

nape poster RE tuh tulisan Jepun, takdek poster English version ke weih? Ashanti mati aku sukaaaa!!!

ahahaha Hairspray best gileerr.

reza said...

eh jgn spoil..buatnyer jaa terbaca..tak pesal2 kena breast slap dia

Anonymous said...

Aduh, aku miss zaman sebilik dgn ko, bukan apa, mmg stok menonton selalu ada lah. Ni skrg, aku cam terpinga2 tatau apa nak tgk.

reza said...

aku pon rindu time kor serenate aku lagu sambil main guitar


joey jo jo said...

dem havent seen a single movie on ur list.
And perlu la izar spoiler RE tu =p

milo boyd said...

aku sukaaaaaaaaa hairsprayyy!!!!! dela sgt pompan tu!!! ahahahhaha tarian yg sgt smart! rase nak melompat2 time tuh walaupon tgh exhausted yg amat...

gud morning lim kok wing!! ok ooo oooo

Siberkop said...

Dlm hairspray, masa dia bangun tido jer aku terus,'eh, dela?'.

Lepas tu bila dia start nyanyi aku terus,'nilah first time aku suka musical'.

Anyway, ko dan Razli make a cute couple.

reza said...

milo : moh ah wat concert sendiri.aku tak sabar nak wat spread eagle.

cyber +milo : yeh ke dela?..aku lak fikir nephew dela daniel..tapi pakai wig besar...nih bukan perli yeh...nih kerana sangat cute..dela tak cute

delamyra said...

see? everyone says i'm cute..unlike you....spray kat mata kor ngan hairspray..

+ intro s2 ghost tak sebest s1. pilu aku.

skang ni aku tgk s2 agak slo pasal takot. kene tgk siang2 jer. gedik derang nih nak buat suara2 + mekapkan antu tuh.

oh s1 ade yg guna EVP ke pejadah. yg suara2 original antu tuh..aku takot plis yg episode yg tu.

+ aku tertgk masters of horror out of curiosity. benci kau. kurang pahala poser aku. aku tgk separuh one of the cds jer. yg lelain cam.....hmph reza's ..what do you expect.

jobes said...

dela: lemme guess... boobies?

Kalo u tgk kenapa kurang pahala pose lak? Bukan masa u mandi u nampak jugak ker ur boobies? Unless....

delamyra said...

hmm i don't think my BOOBIES are that GREAT...if you know what i mean. hate reza's master of horror.

reza said...

erm scuse me hun but no one ever mentioned that ur boobs were "great" as u put it...but it is obvious

Ed said...

boobs? anyway, selamat hari raya, reza. tak best raya di ipoh tanpa anda. hehe... neway dlm list ko tu aku paling suka Death Proof. Conversation tu mmg la too long...tapi bagi aku funny... hehehe... 2nd aku suka RE3...

fadz said...

good morning baltimore..! Tapi aku tak berapa suka Travolta dlm ni, macam 'crude' sikit. Divine lebih 'divine' dalam Hairspray original (actually, i prefer Water's original version, but this version is fun fun fun all along).

RE3 mmg a bit stupid at times, but also fun, sokong ko 100%..

Hatch seems nice..

reza said...

ntv7 : tuh lah action nak balik tapi takper gak..karang mak kor kecewa lak..emak lagi penting..betul2..tapi pulang lah awal skit ngek.

fadz: ek?apa nyebabkan first one better?plot dlm lagi ke?tapi tuhlah yg nih mmg seronok sangat..aku taknah wat split nih teringin tiba2 nak wat

fadz said...

d first one, tak pentingkan lagu, tapi dance step..dan ada Divine, pelakon perempuan paling diva aku pernah aku tonton (Betty Davis dan Joan Crowford pun tak berani macam dia), dan joke dia crude, mungkin bodoh utk ko kot...aku ada dvd dia.

anw, Woiiiiiii!!! ko bagi je lah Fire Walk With Me tu kat aku, aku beli..berapa ko jual????

reza said...

download lah,leh jer copy