Monday, June 18, 2012


Astro was free yesterday!...and what was the first channel I went to? HBO/MAX/FOX of course! I missed those channel, family decided to cancel it years back cause no one actually was watching it..but since losing I actually missed watching movies at the big's different from watching it @ the laptop cause there are lots of distractions.

this looks exactly like my VHS cover

Anyway first thing that pop on my screen was New Nightmare! I was instantly STOKED! It's been awhile since I last saw this one, and it's one of my fav sequels. (other fav includes Dream Warriors and Dream Master)

Watching this flick brings back fond memories when I was in school. One fine day I decided to bring my VHS copy to school for a movie screening @ the a/v room..I think it was near the end of the last semester cause come-on what dedicated teacher would bring their students to a/v room if there's stuff to teach. I think the reception from my class was pretty positive, cause one chic kept repeating a line from the flick (no it's not Freddy's rhyme) and another one came back the next day whining to me bout how she dreamed of Freddy's claws back at the dorms...(the latter chic is still good friends with me)

Now watching it back I still got chills but it's probably because I was excited and I was reciting back some of the lines...yup I still remember some of it..but sometimes I mix up the scenes..hey I'm not perfect. Heather Langenkamp was a hoot to watch again, always loved her..she should have done more movies. And the other cast from the original Nightmare were also a hoot to watch specially John Saxon, do note that yesterday's viewing is the first time I realized Tina's BF from the original Nightmare made an appearance in this film...I didn't notice this the first 100 times I watched the flick before, shows you that it's always good to re-watch a movie. Another dude to watch is Wes Craven the creator of Freddy .. I was being all fan-boy when he came out.

Speaking of being a fan-boy, you guys should see me on twitter, I went overboard babbling away about New nightmare last night, here are some of the yapping.

Aahh Julie, sooo young...such a cutie

With that said, I found the ending to be a bit lackluster, it was okay..but for a final battle it was pretty lukewarm..oh well after 18 years (wow) this flick is still pretty darn good for me and original!...I think I just might re-watch the franchise one fine weekend..


asrap virtuoso said...

beb... aku lom tgr cite/documentary nih, tp aku dgr semua peminat elm street perlu tgk: Never Sleep Again (

reza said...

ok yg ni taknah tgk, thanks! huntdown via torrent! :P