Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Movies that scared the crap out of me # 1

Hey peeps! ...if you see me updating a post today it means that I have idle time in office..yipee!
I thought of doing a post about this a number of times but couldn't find the time to compile and do research (cewah)like I use to. Then I figured might as well do a post per horror flick that spooked me thus far in my 26 movie worshiping years.

In 1974 a Canadian flick made waves with it's whodunnit thriller about college students getting off-ed one by one in their sorority house. Loosely base on real life events the film garnered a cult following. It's also known for being one of the early slasher flicks which inspired more slasher flicks like Halloween (and for that I thank you Black Christmas!)
Thought I would never see this movie but thank god for the internet, around mid 2000-ish I got the chance to see this flick and see what all the fuss was about. Honestly it was really a slow paced flick..really really..and production value was sorta another way of saying didn't age that well. But I threw all that felling outside near the last 20-30 mins of the flick. Started when Margot Kidder was stabbed brutally (off-screen but it sure did look brutal) then slowly escalated to Olivia Hussey finding the bodies of her friends...and then,my friend a scene that scared the crap out of me. Olivia Hussey while still confused on what was happening saw an eye..A VERY MENACING LOOKING EYE peeking through the small opening from the door. That scene alone brought me chills.

Then what follows was a pretty edge of your seat cat and mouse chase one point the killer manage to grab the lead's hair and threw her down while Olivia Hussey screaming at the top of her lung. That also was another great looked brutal..and real! with that Black Christmas is indicted in on of the movie that scared me.

Why was I affected by this movie?
1. My room is near the attic, the movie has an attic where the first victim was stored.
2. Seeing an eye peeking through the door's opening is not my idea of a fun time. (and with seriously disturbed eye I might add)
3. The surrealism of the final chase scene...seriously either that was great acting..or the actor that played the killer really yanked Olivia Hussey's hair hard
Oh btw, there was a remake in 2006...I didn't hate it as much as most people do..I find it not bad..hey the kills were awesome..and it had a lot of young up and coming actress in it Mary Winstead, Lacey Chabert! and Michelle Trachtenberg to name a few. Cool no?


asrap virtuoso said...

There was a remake? Not surprising at all... seems everything is getting a remake now

thanezra said...

yup, i wish they would remake something that wasn't that popular..or failed Mother's Day ...i really found the original to be stupid...glad to see a remake that was well made

Dan O. said...

This movie didn't really do much for me and even though I like that it didn't depend on blood and gore for the scares, it still felt generic and really stupid. Influential in the fact that it's the first slasher flick but still lame. Good review.

thanezra said...

eheh well to each their own..I guess if we watch it way back then it'll be a whole lot scarier..thanks for dropping by dan