Monday, October 19, 2009

It ends tonight

The Tribe
Possibly the worst movie ever or at least a contender for that title. Avoid
Plot : 5 stupid ass characters got stuck on a stupid ass island with a bunch of stupid ass predator reject looking cannibals lurking in the stupid ass shadows. The fight for their stupid ass life begins here.

Saw at wasn't bad...but it was certainly not awesome too. Just ok..probably cause there were too many characters and they tried to tied things up really fast near the end..felt like.."eh..tuh je?"
Plot : Dance dance shake shake, kids trying to make it as an entertainer. Oh how i wish I went that way in life (not the dancing one,me in tutu? u gotta be kidding)

Trick R Treat
Waited for this one to come out for was fun..not really that frightening as I hope it will be. But it sure does have some cool villains..tooooo cool! Great cast too. They said it's one of the best horror movie this year...I think it's one of..not the best but of it.Like I movie
Plot : 4 stories in one all tied up in one neighborhood. 1st story is about a couple taking down the Halloween decoration. 2nd about some kids that played a prank on one girl.3rd Anna Paquin looking for love in the city. 4th A sinister headmaster and 5th an old man who doesn't celebrate Halloween. eh jap ada 5..pelik.

Finally dapat berwayang ngan NOI di KL..setelah berbulan plan. Anyway this movie in a way is cool..but didn't quite like it's style..storywise was the the the the Hyper Sleep pod. but camera work and the style is a bit off for me...actors was cool..I kinda like Ben Foster in Hostage..but here he's on and off..the others are cool..and yes...Junie ur CAM did well. Oh comparison to Event Horizon..Event was better
Plot : Ben Foster's character woke up from HyperSleep, amnesiac he can't figure out what has happen , why he's there etc..searching through the ship he stumbles upon some monsters and lots of mysteries bout what had happen in the ship


Ed said...

kau da tgk trick r treat yer... then buleh la aku tgk now... hehehe...

neway i kinda like pandorum... the premise kinda cool... mystery cam best juga... tpai yer la... cinematography cam tak best sket... may be they were trying on space ship-myterious-horror style kot... ke apa ntah... tapi pompuan researcher dan petani thailand tu cool... heheh...

fame mcm glee... betul? ke tak?

reza said...

kor tak tgk lagi yeh...aku assume kor dah tgk...ha usha lah...ada more great horror flicks nih...aku cam xcited..

pandorum, yes weird style...malah kekadang x nampak apa2

and glee? tak layan