Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Esok atau Lusa?


*updated...aku malas bukak post baru...Brad Renfro of Bully and APT Pupil died, 01/15/08...aku terkejut..he was 25..
*dan uncanny xmen mungkin cancel after #500, wtf...oh the bad news keeps coming in


ok can finally update!...just finished watching, and i'm in love with the movie..let's discover why..

Plot : A farewell party is interrupted when the party guest felt a tremor a all the lights went off.Not knowing what actually happens everyone merrily went to the top of the building to see what it.And then the invasion starts.What follows is a fight for survival and slight stupidity to get off the island.

Verdict : I'm sooooooooooo loving this story.Where shall we start..hmm let's start with the good; effects...MAK AIH SUPERB!nothing much to do with the was fine..somewhat weird looking...but the effects of town collapsing, the soldiers fighting back..running in the streets, the bloody attack below the god..effects never looked this real.Two main favourite scene of mine are when they first saw the monster close up and the camera pans back only to see the soldiers started firing at the monster...real man..real!I especially loved the addition of Marlena running franticly from those army guys. The the subway..scary shit..when they fight back that thing I was like shit shit shit!

Spook factor..i was seriously spooked by this felt real.I actually screamed woah! at one particular scene..and yeah the shit shit shit during the subway attack.The camera work really made it real..good choice..seriously.Storyline? Pretty good..some complain there's nuting bout the monster...I don't actually care..I wanted to see the monster true..but I going through the movie..i actually don't give a damn..the characters we're watching was good enuff to make me pay attention.This is more on survival and humanity story i suppose.Acting? good enuff...I love Janis Ian (ini bukan nama sebenar atau nama watak..nih nama dia dlm Mean Girls) she rockes!her lines are funny and I felt she's the more realistic and a figther compare to the others, i was also waiting for her to scream "ur mom's chest hair!"..*sapa faham faham lah yeh.Rob (character) had one emotional scene..and he nailed it!..the others also did well.

Bad, the characters choice was somewhat dumb..I dunno..I would have haul ass after the first try failed..seriously..I will like..ok I love u..but bye...then run off into the horizon.Logic? ada beberapa benda off skit gak at times, like the millatary guy went..ok go..good luck young man!!??!?and a couple more that I can't recall now.Then the should have been a bit shorter..I would actually love an ending like Alien3 where we can hear Ripley's recorded voice from logging an entry.However i guess I do understand why they wanted to do the ending they pick.

Now the motion sickness...most of the people that watched with me got sick..seriously..some went pale face..I guess I understand..I didn't fell anything actually..but poor me friends..I guess yeah..the shaking2 cam is a bit intense a longgggg..Then remarks on the poor taste of reliving 9/11 tragedy..this is what i got to say...OOOO YEH KE..SINI TAK AFFECTED SO WHATEVER.sensitif gak korang yeh..

oh lupa nak add...some said movienyer too short..aku pon nak kat setuju till cyber dv cam bkn ke 130 min jer dude.

Anyway this movie is great..seriously doubt any movie this year that can beat this least for me lah..korang yg lain aku taktau..8.5/10


Siberkop said...

Oh man, aku tak pernah tgk movie yg se-real ini. I mean, come on, ko mmg betul2 dpt rasa askar2 tu menembak atas kepala ko. Betul2 dpt rasa the spider thing naik atas badan ko pastu try nak gigit ko. Mmg sgt real. Kalau ada movie yg bleh kasik this kind of experience, mungkin aku dah terlambat tapi mmg sesuai tgk kat cinema ajer!

Aku mmg suka citer2 yg camni, yang habis dalam masa satu malam, or satu hari, Collateral, Training Day, Phone Booth, lebih2 lagi bila dia guna DVCam effects, mmg bijak sbb itulah yg merealkan semuanya.

Seperti ko, aku tak kisah about the monster sgt tapi mmg the monster sgt melibatkan diri ok? Aku cuma rasa mcm monster tu terlalu jijik rupanya utk jadi ganas gitu. HeHe.

The off stuff for me was at the end. Masa Hud kena serang tu. Mcm tetiba jer? Takde gegar2 tapak kaki monster pun? Ohh, tak kisahla janji nampak muka jembalang tu in full.

Thanx to JJAbrams, Goddard, Reeves, Reza, Mai, lain2 n Mamat Khalid, a good way to start my cinema movie watching experience ini tahun.

reza said...

wow comment yg kan movie nih..
tapi tuh lah ending
haiyaaaa...aku rasa patut stop kat crash pastuh bunyi askar kata nak letupkan the city tuh...serious time aku aku teringat time alien3

Siberkop said...

Eh lagi satu dude, bukan 130min, tapi an hour & 30 mins. 90mins kalau long play. Tapi aku seriously doubt quality long play bleh dpt mcm dlm movie smlm tu. HeHe. Keje2 FBI kot? =P

yukio said...

aku suke blair witch project, aku suke scene dalam terowong citer Thesis...aku suke kalo horror movie dirakam dalam dvcam. aku selalu imagine diri sendri terperangkap dalam bandar dan diserang monster besar masa kecik2 dulu dan demmit hampir menjadi realisasi! bes! bes! bes! first encounter mmg bes! dalam subway pun bes! kat back alley ngan on the street lagi bes!
cuma monsternyer sucks dan tak menakutkan. teringat citer The Host, monster takde pe sgt tapi experience running in the park with everybody else mmg bes! i can feel their emotions (poyo tak?). so far the best movie this year atas Enchanted. Ending yg ironic bila dier tunjuk kerekter bedua dalam ferris wheel sambil heroin kata lebey kurang macam 'i had a great time today' sambil senyum....

reza said...

razli baru kasik quote dari net tadi...apperently masa derang ckp tuh leh nampak alien tuh baru jatuh ke bumi...


Che underscore Lee said...

SERIOUS???? demm camne x perasann??

anyway, aku ngaku.. aku agak loya lepas abis movie nih, cam pening2 sket sebab shaking camera hebat..

aku suka scene Hud terpisah kat seberang jalan, askar lari2 attack naik tank segala.. real giller!

dan binatang gigit2 tu cam Starship Troopers sket, cuma dlm skala yg lebih kecik

cuma as Jo said.. "hebat DVD cam tu nyer battery, sampai 7 jam leh tahan"

p/s: Cyber u gatal kan raba2 i dlm wayang! :P

reza said...

bukan itu saja
ada benda lagi lepas end credits
baboon lah directors nih
lain kali buat lah disclaimer...tak pesal2 kena tgk balik

reza said...

nih atas jasa baik razli
sapa lom tgk spoileR!!








"When Rob and Beth are at Coney Island, look out into the ocean and you can see something fall into the water"

"There is whispering at the end that sound's like Rob saying "Help Us". Someone recorded the audio and played it backwards, and it sounds like he is saying "It's Still Alive"

milo boyd said...

ok..TOLONG..KALO TGK BALIK..AJAK AKU!! tp jgn ahad..atau mlm kamis..aku nangis..:( mlm rabu pon takleh..jumaat/sabtu..aku tak akan menolak (tp jumaat make sure midnite..sbb aku free after 10) huwaaa aku benci kehidupan sebagai pelajar dan sebagai org miskinnn!!!!!!! BENCIIIIII!!!!