Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why I love the movies # 3


Do not watch this epic scene if you have not watched Invasion of the Body Snatches 1978.
Both Veronica Cartwright ( am a fan!) and Donald Sutherland were marvelous in this scene .. I gotta watch this film again to see if it ages well


asrap virtuoso said...

Aikk.. tarikh post July 22? aku cam dtg sini sblom/slps raya (x ingat)... mcm xde je post? :)

Lom tgk lagi yg nih.... yg remake Nicole KIdman tu dah tgk la...

thanezra said...

oh man, remake Nicole tu cam separa forgettable ..it's not bad ..it's just there...hmmm cam nak tgk gak balik yg tu...yg pasti remake tahun 90s aku xmo tgk langsung