Sunday, April 01, 2007

U guys are DEAD wrong

Ok nak reveal dah,anyone decides to watch this movie...pls look away or visit the other blogs available oh the left (i recommend the perut one)..








Here are the girls death, in order

1st offed : Miss Clair Crosby

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Ok im totally surprise cause most of you predicted this gal is the heroine, cool...ok we'll try to discuss later on what might be the factor...ok from the pix,she died of a pen stab through the eye,can u see the pen?...anyhoo she have only one scene...pity

2nd offed : Miss Megan Helms

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haha this one no one predicted, not that surprise cause all the scenes she's in...she's always bitter, death also stab to the eye...this time with something sharper.

3rd offed : Miss Eve Agnew

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The freak got offed, only pamster predict this girl survive..well dont totally blame her cause..the reserve one usually came back at the end to save the heroine.She got beheaded ...maybe the director have some problems with freaks?

4th offed : Miss Dana Mathis

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I'm pretty shocked she got killed,and very early! truthfully i thought she might survive cause of the popularity factor,this one of the better known actress and in the promo's she's always in the middle...good job misslead me.Death : head smack with something that looks like a small shovel?

5th offed : Miss Heather Lee

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Also one of the popular actress, i didnt expect her to live though, cause her character brings no meaning, she's kinda lame in here.Death : offscreen, maybe neck slash?cause the blood splattered screen suggest so.

6th offed : Ms. MacHenry

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Heh, no one predicted this one would survive, wouldn't blame you guys, i didn't thought so too...but her death scene is the worst, death by accident.head impaled with the ice sharp ice thingy.

7th offed : Miss Melissa Kit

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Wohooooo!But no surprise here, cause promo poster somehow suggested that she'll bite the the other her eyes was gauge

8th offed :Miss Lauren Hanon

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You know it's coming after her nude shower scene...seems the rules still apply, no nudity in a horror film.Death offscreen, but was found eyes gauge out.

9th offed : Miss Leigh

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i wanted this one to survive, give some happy ending for god's sake.she just lost her sister and went through hell, and finally understood the meaning of sisterhood, then she get killed,wtf...many expect her to survive, i did too...death : neck snap while the actor/actress that killed her provide the worst acting ever in the movie..ok actually more towards the annoying.

The survivor is that blond beeyatch...the hell.I wouldn't have guess cause 1.blonde duh ..2.she's not at all popular..3.she'll make a bad bad heroine.actually she did make a bad heroine..4.character is dumb i tell u...suggest the stupidest things.But as you go along with this movie, you might have guess she'll survive cause mostly the plot revolves around her...bore.

I hate this heroine, she's up there in the list of my most hated heroine..with Halloween 8 and others which i can't recall now...

Anyhooo the interesting is that most of you guys predicted the young Colvin sister to survive,was it the looks or the fact that the character is related to another character ergo , the plot could have thicken blah2.U tell me...


shabadoo said...

ler ingatkan si michelle trachtrenberg yg survive. Wait, she's in the movie right?

Perlulah guna 'ergo'?

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Che underscore Lee said...


p/s: caps lock itu bukan menjerit okey! hehe..

delamyra said...

i know my perut x menawan. u're just jealous cuz urs is worse