Thursday, March 29, 2007

Abs galore

okie,this months update was kinda lacking,truthfully,i'm dead tired...lately i yawned more in the office...probally my fault too as i slept around 2a.m nearly everyday..oh well,that's life...anyhoo this months movie opening was one of the best, we got 300, mukhsin,terabathia and a couple more which i've yet to see, or will not...there's always the net ;p

i'll only touch 300 for now cause that's the latest i've seen(i know im slow)..terabathia and mukhsin was like 3 weeks back, so i might forget some vital information to give an accurate god to honest review bout it.

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So 300 was a blast,not saying it's mah fav movie,or at least in the top 10,but it belongs up there with other great movies.I honestly thought this would be just another action flick with great groundbreaking effects yada yada yada...HOWEVER, i was pleasently surprise to see such a great ...erm movie.

The characters were great!...not just mindless buff dudes who only care about slaying others.I specially like the capt, (the one that got his kid killed..oops spoiler) he was great...Lina Headey's character (maaf nama2 greeks susah sangat tuk aku hafal) is also one off the best, such depth and played a vital role .It is true what they say .."behind a great man lies an awesome woman"...or something in the lines of that.The others also played their parts really2 well, ever Xerxes the drag is also cool with his booming voice...and glorious over the top accersories.

Gore, nuff said was stunning!!!...i bet there are some cut scenes, but the one they left in the cinema was GOOD enuff for me...The fights was breathtaking, one of the greatest epic battle i've ever seen, and the most memorable scene in the movie..."the tag team fight sequence"(the one before one of em got beheaded)...was definately one of the most memorable scenes.

Erm what else, oh the abs galore was a wee bit too much but whatever,milo(who was beside me) was drooling like a mad puppy.Good for the girls, bad for us plus size man.Oh but this is the thing i kinda feel off bout the movie, the greek mens was ...perfect to say the least, but the asians??? aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa...we honestly don't look like that.I know someone will come out saying "what bout that hunchback"....yeah what about it?...that's the only one disfigured..and the asian are like...EVERYONE!...chesh.apart from that everything was was the oracle with her nipple action...tee hee hee.

So i end with 300 is so far the second best movie i've seen this year,u'll die of shock to hear what is the first..i give it a solid 4.5


Now after the movie,something bad happend, i lost the parking ticket..and there begins the journey to find that frickin ticket.I honestly thought it was in the car,which was park outside and I and Joe have to walk like miles(cause the fastest exit there was close)...only to be proven that the ticket WAS not in the car.So imagine me getting all panic.Though i was relaxed,i was a lil pissed at that time, and i know it was entirely my fault.So we went back in to pay rm50 me thinks for the fine,THEN Joe found two tickets in the bin! that was a miracle..but we do have to check it first if it had been paid or not.So we still have to walk back inside OU and (cahaya miracle) the ticket is still valid! yipeeeeeee!...but we're not out of it yet, gotta check if it'll work at the exit did! ehehehehhe, i thank my lucky stars...and joe for giving this miracle, though i think joe was the lucky one since he saw the ticket (then again he wanted to put it back in the bin..bad joe bad) im just writing this down simply to warn u guys if this sort of thing happend...look into the bin,something might turn up..:P

TA peeps


Anonymous said...

why you asking me do you feel sexy after read this story?

reza said...

haih perempuan nih masih tak faham jenis2 lawak aku

satu hari nanti aku ajar ek

Siberkop said...

I love 300. I love Terabhitia. I like Mukhsin and Music and Lyrics.

Terabithia punya review plzz? I dah basah ni nunggu!

Che underscore Lee said...

Xerxes tak drag la.. dia fashionably accessorize bleh?

My fav is mamat yg mata dia buta sebelah tu (narrator of the movie) sangat grr grr camne?

reza said...

erm aku still kata drag.

ber, tera dah 3 weeks plus gone by, takut review tak tentu arah lak,but i'll try lah

joey jo jo said...

hebat citer dier. Worthy of an oscar.

I meant the lost parking tiket... not 300

delamyra said...

ooOOOooo! citer 300 tu mesti ko suker pompuan nari2 tuh kan....