Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pre Halloween...

Guess what! me got tix to a Halloween party! wohoooo

It all happen one fine night, was driving to work and as per normal my phone was ready for any sms contest via radio. Radio host mentioned Halloween party...was actually waiting for any movie premier...but Halloween party sounds fun..so why not..I sms-ed and minutes later me phone rang..it was the dude on radio...yikes!
And yes he said I was the 9th sms-er through...but he's not ready to give me the tix yet...he asked me "if ur invited what would u go as?"

Me still in shock mode answered Pugsley Adams (cause last year I wanted to go as him).
Radio host was like whooooooooooooo?
Me replied the kid from Adams Family
After, he said ohhhhh...but he still wanted me to describe and answer why Pugsley
Me said "round-bald-pale face...as for why..its pretty easy to dress up as him"
Dude ask back..."does that mean ur round and bald?" (babi)
Me : "pretty short hair but I don't think I'm THAT round"
Then the dude asked me to sing the Adams Family theme..
I'm like waaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
I just replied back "no sing...hum yes"
Dude : go for it
Me : humming like an ass (for those listening..im sorry for ur ears)
Dude : Ok Reza u got it!...(finally...arse sangat gi torture aku on air)

Now me planning on what to wear, Pugsley Adams IS easy but I was worried no one would know him. Last weekend planned to look for the basic black and white stripped shirt..but ultimately due to cuzz wanted to vamp up for the party...me decided to just be the basic Edward (shudders) ...dem I know...I'm gonna potray that sissy vamp...sigh. But what to do...however U'll never know, I might last minute run to any costume shop and just rent a toga..easy. Till end of week..later!

Sigh...edward..tsk tsk tsk


fadz said...

blah lah!

reza said...

errr knp nih? nak ikut ke?