Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scrubs Series Finale : Am not gonna cry am not gonna cry

Luckily when I started writing this blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had long ended. If not u bet ur ass I'm gonna go all choked up bout it here. Same thing could be said bout FRIENDS and Malcolm in the Middle. And now Scrubs just ended, and while I did get a wee bit weepy @ all three stated b4, the finales weren't actually as I wanted it to be. Buffy ended like that *snap fingers (im like WTF), FRIENDS was highly predictable (seriously come ON, Ross and Rachael definitely would end up 2gether) and Malcolm was good but wasn't really that emotional. Now Scrubs!...SEDIH SIALLLLLLLLLLLL!

For something that ain't real, it's funny how we become attach to it for so long. This show is all thanks to Kazumi who urge me to see it, in fact he even tied me up to the chair and played the show (yg tie tuh for drama purposes) It was ok, after first show..mainly cause i'm an egoistic a-hole who won't admit something someone recommended is actually good but I came around @ admit Scrubs was the bomb. Slowly but surely it came to be one of my's especially a hoot when I knew Siber loved that show as well. And what follows is a never ending exchange series quote and nicknaming each other Brown Bear and Vanilla (fyi i dont love that nick..but whatever)

I actually see myself in J.D tapi since Siber had dibs on him first....shehs,but seriously...lets list it-i dream a lot, i'm not the manliest man around, I hate sports (except basketball or at least something im good at) heck I even dance to the beat of Wannabe (puas?)So watching J.D living his life is like watching my own life, in a way. BUT again, since siber had dibs on him worries I settle for Turk.(biarlah whore tuh menang sekali sekala)

Now the series finale.Something bout the finale was beautiful, the last scene where J.D walked along the corridors, reflecting on those who he had met,loved, work with etc..that was nicely made. Nak jer lari dlm tandas pastuh pasang shower, NOT!...but yeah it was nice, Wouldn't it be nice if one could have the exact same thing happen to em, exiting an office after quiting? leaving the country for god knows how long..stuff like that warrants scenes this. Ok here's the deal masa aku bila2 nak travel 3 years ke Europe (tergelak sorang2 dlm otak)..

I want Izar on the left holding a balloon, Dela on the right with her Moodyfication lil black T adjust just nicely near the (hehe), ajurina holding up 2 kek batik(tuh namanyer kan?), siber in a hugging-like pose, baby razz with his guitar, mils still in her work out tights, kecik u can hold a banana and others lining up biding me farewell...oh that would be nice (x malu kan request)

Anyway here's to Scrubs...thank you for the awesome 8? years u provided.End, oh tadi tgk Star Trek, ju ur the best,last night was the best...kidding! XOXO


Siberkop said...

Dan aku hanya baru nak download the last one. :(

And betul, aku rasa ko adalah JD actually, or actually there's a JD in all of us.

Oh my, aku harap aku tak shower lama sgt lepas tgk the final one ni.

reza said...

dan dan nak kasik J.D, amik lah amik...wa tarak kisah

tapi apa2 mmg finale sedih...lagu pilihan pon nice time akhir2 tuh..tak lupa juga lagu superman last2 sekali main

nice ending..sedih

Jujus Oren said...


Reza said...

apparently i'm not the only one

most testimonials got it correct

dan...ju apa anda gelak?

Siberkop said...


I love Jd and Turk and Cox. Damn. Tapi mmg ini satu ending yg sgt baik to the series. After 8 years eh?

Tapi aku takkan lebih gilakan series ni kalau tak pinjam Dvd2 kau whore.

Thanx. Aku leh stop guna nicknames yg pelik2 utk kau dah. HeHe.

Reza said...

i agree ending yg terlalu of the best...dia cam dah tie everything dan if xda dah pon aku ok with it.

dan aku tka kisah lah...guna jer brown and vanilla...jgn time wedding dah ah

Che underscore Lee said...

hallaa sweet nye korang dua ni...

Razo said...


Ed said...