Sunday, February 25, 2007

MOH Season 2 Part :2

Ampun Ju, tak berniat nak biar blog nih berlalang,bz lah...mikir banyak benor kisah life, cewah..Anyhoo,update baru nih pon cam kor suka jer,lagi kor muntah ada lah kot..Continuing from previous post regarding Masters of Horror Season 2, ep 5 - 9.Oh before i move along, last week got the chance to see 3 movies at the cinema, Norbit (oh god y), Music and Lyrics(sooooo cute,Drew rowks!) and Ghost Rider (meh..)


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Plot : A young girl gets impregnated by a demon and decides to abort it a nearby clinic, but daddy's pissed.(Her daddy and the baby's daddy)

Who : Dir : John Carpenter (The Thing a.k.a dela) ,Cast: Ron Perlman (Blade 2)

Verdict : Well it's not good, not bad either..just average i guess.At least it beats the previous Carpenter installer (personally, the latter was a lil to0 artsy).The gore is great in this one,though it screams CGI!,but i can look past it.Plot,nothing much...but I like the demon/monster whatever, brings back memories how disgusting/cool Carpenters monsters are.Not a memorable episode but good enough to watch it twice or so.


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Plot : Racoon fur made into fur coats seek revenge on those who wear or linked in the creation.

Who : Dir : Dario Argento (the ever excellent Suspiria) , Cast : Meat Loaf ("I would do anything for love"fame)

Verdict : This is an intresting episode, somewhat artsy (but the kinds that I can actually bear) but loads of shocking moments where the victims self inflict and die.It's also kinda of a cute plot,u know...racoons seeking revenge..tee hee,cute.And Finally a great entry in this series.A must see.

7.The Screwfly Solution

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Plot : The end of the world is near,but what causes it and why the women are the first die?

Who : Dir : Joe Dante (Gremlins!) , Cast : Jason Priestley (90210)

Verdict : I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this one!.It's weird and really have a dark tone to it.This could actually been made into an excellent full feature lenght film, and I would go see it on the double.Jason Priestley god forbid, is actually a good actor.So the other cast,the wife was smokin hot!Back to the plot, never would have thought to see a movie where the world ends, not through race war or nuclear war but the woman beeing killed off on the spot, fuh...scary thought..And the ending! man,wouldn't have seen it coming...2 thumbs up this one.

8.Valerie on the Stairs (cool title)

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Plot : A strugling writer moves into a hostel for writers?(i dunno, never heard of this thing) and suspects the hostel is sorta haunted.

Who : Dir : Clive Barker (Hellraiser), Cast :Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Tony Todd (Candyman)

Verdict : This flick is kinda cool,very strange and have a bit of the twilight zone flair in it.BUT! damn its sloww!The only intresting part is the time Valarie appears (mind u not because she's not wearing anything) other than that,the story of each character = snoring..Ok ending though.Dont watch before near ur bedtime.

9.Right to Die

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Plot : A vengeful,burnt wife, who is currently struggling to come out of a coma haunts the dumbass hubby who could have just finished her early on rather than beeing taunt by her time after time

Who : Dir : Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn), Cast : Martin Donovan (Weeds)

Verdict : This one was above average.The burnt wife was cool,reminded me of Hellraiser 2.Cast did well,plot..not that original but i think the main great thing bout this installment is the Husband.The dude is way indecisive and would do anything to get out of trouble.He's majorly an ass but at the same time very sympathetic.This is actually another good entry,worth watching.

will continue on the final 4 episodes maybe..dunno, while feast on this new upcoming thriller,seems cool enough..somewhat like Rear Window,but aimed more for the teens.whatever it is,i'll be watching this one..oh it stars that kid in Even Steven

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Che underscore Lee said...

hohooo abis kalau sme pompuan mati dulu, tinggal lelaki je la? compom sme jadi gay lepas tu... lalalala~

mahhass said...

joe dante's homecoming aku suka (walaupun ramai x suka sebab too political). Screwfly solution macam bessssttt jer.. x sabar lak aku nak tengok. Argento's Pelts pun.. arrggghh

reza said...

izar :ahahahahaha u'll love that wont cha?

mahhass: aah screwfly mmg menarik gila,walaupon agak b grade sci fi, pelts juga intresting...tapi overall season nih let down gak ah

fadz said...

Pro-Life is ok lah, teringat akan Assault on 12 Precint (aku salah judul kot), Prince of darkness Carpenter, di mana premisnya sesuatu yg jahat mahu keluar tetapi org yg tahu itu cuba menahannya dan klinik itu kena serang hendap. idea filem ini ialah, suara perempuan (di sini, gadis yg dirogol) dalam dunia maskulin lelaki, di mana syaitan tak mungkin menipu wanita saja (dlm bible, wanita iaitu hawa yg dihasul dahulu, sebelum lelaki iaitu adam, maka adam selalu lebih superior dari eve). Aku tak suka 1 perkara je, apa dia idea syaitan tu impregnate perempuan tu (idea sama dgn rosemary's baby ke?) dan kenapa setan tu ambil masa panjang gila utk sampai ke perempuan tu? yg lain2 best, semua mmg kena dgn idea Carpenter tentang feminiti (semua kena mengena dgn perempuan dan isu perempuan sekarang kalau lihat betul2).

fadz said...

Pelts sgt cute. betul kata reza. satu benda aku suka dgn Argento ini ialah, setiap frame dlm filem dia macam lukisan. Babak pertama waktu Meatloaf jumpa pelacur tu, waduh, cantik gila, aku teringat filem2 david lynch (idea hitamnya hati kedua2 watak ini yg mmg binatang dalam bentuk dan sifat mereka tersendiri, si lelaki, rakus dan penuh nafsu syahwat, si perempuan, tamak dan pemutar belit). Filem ini bagi aku, tetap agak senang, tetapi Argento pandai jaga. Satu filem seram ekspresionis yg mmg mana2 pengarah masih belum dapat kalahkan (walaupun bagi aku, episod dari musim satunya lebih berkuasa).

reza said...

mak aih,tiba2 comment banyak

ok first thing,assault precint 13 actually,salah satu digit jer,xpa...dan bila kor ckp ia seiras ngan prince of darkness,baru tiba2 flashback hebat mendadak, agak ah..ada lah similarnyer skit..tapi bab2 bible tuh ku taktau...aku selalunyer bila masuk alkisah bible otak dah melayang ke benda lain

pelts mmg menarik,tapi pelik..tuh jer dapat ku nyatakan cause agak dlm cerita nih...aku nak kaji lebey dlm tak dapat ah..:P