Monday, December 14, 2009

2 Big Ones

Recently saw two well known horror flicks Saw 6 and Halloween 2. Big titles with lots of sequels under their name. But how do they fare this time?

Saw 6

Surprisingly good. Had sorta lost hope after #5 but it certainly has gain back it's umph! in latest installment. Ada lah flaws here and there but overall pretty good. Especially love the Carousel Trap/Game? that was intense. Eh actually most of the traps/games ARE good. Another good stuff i like is the lead dude..though he's an ass I kinda like his character and did wish he prevail till the end.The other assholes in the movie are believable i.e; That bitch Lawyer, The Assistants (well some at least) and that makcik receptionist (ok this lady is not an ass) Even new Jigsaw has grown a lil on me..i hated his smug in 4 and 5. And lastly, Amanda's story got full circle, pretty well done.

Now I hate...some of the LOL lines; i.e : "You look at me when you kill me!"? hooookeyyy I could have live without that line.There are others but nothing I can remember now. Andddd, I also hated Tanedra's scene, FYI she was the winner for the Reality Show MTV's Scream Queen. She was good in that show...but she ain't here..her scene is actually funny...she looked desperate to deliver and when she chopped of her hands i'm like..heh?But overall it was good...oh another note.Love the last image of the movie.Yikes!

Halloween 2

Macam harammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! One thing I've always hated in ANY type of genre is a dream sequence that elaborates till no end, ok i lasted like 15 min, but still 15 freakin minute?????! ish sangat. I know that Rob probably wanted to acknowledge the original Halloween 2, but..xyah lah lama sangat kan. Personally it brings NATHING to the plate, only good thing I can think of is the Brutal stabbing Mic gave Shaniqua.
Other stuff I hated...Sheri Moon, a waste...a waste! She was hot and cool in Devil's Reject, remember "Chinese Man, look at these!" woof! Here...I dunno, she's different! it's not cause she's fully dress the whole movie but she felt a lil bit off and out of place...and what's with the horse (berani bet ramai yg fikir dlm akan sanjung nih).

Ok more hating, some off scenes, why in the world would Mic kill those people in the stripper bar?Why kill that chic in the van first then proceed to Annie's house, when Laurie is already nearby?..y?Y?Y?Y?Y? those scene are sorta HUH question mark for me.And more hating, Mic showed his face and screamed DIE!....OMG Y! nuff said.
And lastly, Laurie...u suck, but don't think it's entirely her fault, with the stuff thrown at her for this're bound to suck.
The only good thing? Annie..oh and the visuals, Rob Zombie is pretty good at that..can't deny that

On the side note; I saw the director's cut version, and was told that Theater version was better, cause it had a better ending. And the new scenes included in DC version were pretty sucky..well that maybe, I still think Halloween 2 suck..UR soooo in the bottom 10 this year.

I end with...this week Avatar weih! mohhhhhhhhhhh!


Nabil Fizri said...

Aku tunggu kau punya Avatar

fadz said...

weh jom tgk avatar sama2 jom!

btw, love ur review here... buat aku tka nak tgk H2..

Ed said...

now that u mention it, i remember the girl yg cuba potong tangan tue... hehehe...

jom rez... avatar...

Reza said...

nabil : baik...tapi entah2 tak tulis...aku nih pemalas skit

fadz : hmmm sebenarnyer aku dah book jumaat mlm nih..byk gak tix aku book tapi tak pasti if semua yg dijemput tuh gi if kor rajin..pi lah The Curve, mlm jumaat.. and tx

model : seperti di atas