Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Month Week 4

Nearing the end now! Sad :( : Nway 10 movies this week! But am gonna do this short cause damn my schedule is hectic nowadays..Sometimes I wonder how most of you bloggers update like 10 paragraphs per post.

1.Paranormal Activity 4

Another installment from the P.A franchise. # 3 is definitely a fav of mine. 1st was shocking enough and 2nd was pretty bland. Now the 4th? Jeez, lame sorry ass of a sequel. It continues years after the 2nd flick. Katie's back and she moves in to a new home while her "son" does some crazy shit (not so crazy really) to their new unsuspecting neighbor. The Night 1, Night 2, concept has become enormously tiresome and most of the Nights were pretty bland. The addition of the new motion detector X-box fx were pretty neat but that's about it. The only remotely scary part was at the ending but it was just a lil too late. A no for me.

2.Snakes on a Plane

Watching this again cause I wanted to have fun. Basically the title says it all. About Snakes on a Plane, such an extreme measure the baddie took just to take out one dude. This is a fun flick, nothing more. But the first time I saw this flick at the cinema I was slightly paranoid cause I was worried bout my dangling foot..hehe. Silly I know...now..not so much, but again it is a fun flick.

3.Howling 2

Once awhile there comes a time, after a movie you'll thought to yourself...What The F@!$% did I just watched. This movie was one of it. Before this I've only watch Howling 1 , 4 and 5. They were good, not bad and pretty awesome. Howling 2 was pure crap..pure pure crap..It supposedly continue after H 1 events, they even remade the final scene in H1..which was badly made I might add. This shit should be avoided at any cost, and I'm really surprise that Christopher Lee agreed to do this movie. More things I don't like, the confusing editing + horrendous editing. Again..dumb ass flick.

4. Bad Moon

Another werewolf flick, but thank god this one was cool. About a dude that lives with his sister and her lil kid, unbeknownst to them, dude's a werewolf! 1 thing I remember bout this flick is the intro scene,hehe..it's one for the books. It's as cool as Jason Goes to Hell chick cut in flick scene. Watching it again, first scene was still cool, movie? Though it felt like a tv movie at times..it's all good. At least there's a clear story with family involve and the family dog as a big time hero. Good to watch again and again.

5. Silent Hill 2

Continues after the first movie. Alessa's all grown up but still having nightmares of Silent Hill. Moving in to a new place, things started getting stranger, it seems like Silent Hill found her and they want her back. Okay..Silent Hill...such a confusing flick! And not the good kinds, I love the first one..it was also confusing but very well made. This time around, visually it's awesome to the max, but the flick is just too confusing and TOO convenient. Chill factor was cool enough, few morbid monsters...and the nurses are back and cooler + hornier as ever. Overall an okay flick, might want to see it again to understand the flick better.

6. c.h.u.d

and old classic about mutated humans. This is the first time I'm watching this flick, and though it maybe a classic, I didn't like it. It was a dumb 80s flick that's not even funny for me. I've C.H.U.D II in my collection but now I don't think I'll be watching it. The movie is just plain stupid. Maybe a remake would be nice? hehe

7. of unknown origin

A rat terrorizing Peter Wellar in his apartment. Good flick, Petter Sellar was great in this one, the transition to a levelheaded executive to a nut job in the end was a hoot to watch. And then the RAT...by gof was it evil...I would go nuts too with this rat. A good watch.

8. Silent House

A teen girl and her father came back to their old house and strange things started happening. A lot of people noted that Elizabeth Olsen was good in this one, she was..thing is...the movie was not. It was bloody too slow and tre to the title itself..silent..I can accept atmospheric flick but this one was just too bland..and actually I figured out the ending halfway through. Not really recommended unless you want to fall asleep fast.

9. Jeepers Creepers 2

The Creeper is back! This time it's targeting a bus load f kids. Second time watching this flick this year, cause my nephew out of the blue wanted to see it..and boy was he in for a surprise. The lil bit got scared and didn't finish watching the flick. Anyway JC 2 is a flick that I dig a lot while most don't. It's a flick that I would call a missed opportunity. It has the goods but was not utilize properly. Even so, I still like this one..if only they could elaborate the mass running away scene near the end. I do love chase scenes.

Company of Wolves

Another werewolf movie..a collection of werewolf stories told by the characters from the main story. It's not really that scary this one...far from it (well maybe except for the story with Stephen Rea) but overall it's a cool flick..should have ended with one of the better Howling movies though.

halloween eve tonight people!...tell me what ur watching!


Henzy said...

Mcm pernah tgk some of the movies before masa kecik2. Like Bad Moon. Jeepers pun aku suka both installment. Manakala paranormal aku tak pernah tgk.

reza said...

bagus ada geng minat Jeepers!
Paranormal, depends...cuba lah..eh bkn ada kat astro ke?
Bad Moon mmg hot

mohamad said...

Paranormal tak pnh tgk lah. Dont know y. . . . . . .better me watch phobia 2. Love phobia 1 n 2. Dont u think bro?

reza said...

phobia 2 last story tu mmg terbaik gila bagi aku...kalau film malaysia buat style camtu pon aku dah leh tepuk tangan..but yeah phobia nyer stories rules!

mohamad said...

wondering y malaysian movies tak nak buat movies yg mcm tu...tak yah lah nak ikut hollywood, thailand je cukup..... most of the movies esp horror ni tah apa2 punya horror flick.....pppffftttt!!!!

mohamad said...

out of topic jap.....aku nak dvd empire records!!! mana nak carik? aku kat kk.....almost evrynite mimpi liv tyler. ha ha ha......

reza said...

1st comment : ada yg not bad bagi aku...Seru last year aku gila gila suka..but yg lain tu adeh gak ah.

2nd comment : dude empire records pon one of my teenage fav movie..tapi aku ada dvd..original beli kat rock corner...yg aku nak adalah poster cerita tu! eheheh, if dpt...mmg best!

mohamad said...

just watched SUPER, its awesome dude!!!! ELLEN PAGE awesome too!! LIV TYLER still hot!!!!

thanezra said...

dah tgk gak Super..lain dari lain ah gak..leh layan..sian Ellen mampus..sadis lak tu cara mati