Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Tube

Any of you readers a Weeds fan?
Well I'm a fan, and to those who have been following from 2005, you might know that the show ended after 7 years with 8 seasons..personally it was an acceptable ending...the only thing I would want to see was Elizabeth Perkins (Celia in the show) who left the show after season 5 which was a good call made by her as after season 4 the show was not as good as it was before. (though it manage to stuck around for 3 more season)

But even though Weeds was not the same after season 5, I still stuck around and watch it till it ended recently, kinda sad..not as sad as I was when Buffy ended..but still sad. You see this show is one of the shows that I follow since the beginning, when it came out in 2005 I watched it when it premiered (back then I only had dial up connection ..gigih tak!) ..and never stopped watching. I will miss you MILF Mary Louise Parker (Nancy) and Kevin Nealon (Doug) who kept the show funny till season 8...cheers Weeds, I never regret following ya..(unlike Heroes ..pffft)

Now to the Tube!...Fall begins and you know what that means? Awesome shows are coming back wohoooooo! 3 of my fav (current) scripted shows are all returning. Big Bang Theory / Criminal Minds and Dexter! All started last week.

The Big Bag Theory

Was introduce by my cousin last year cause she said the show reminded her of me. This show was never in my radar..but after much pressure from my cousin..I watched it..and babi now I understand why she wants me to watch it. The people in the show were somewhat like me..somewhat(note that)..not an exact replicate..but yeah I can see how my cuzz can be reminded of me when watching the show. This season I can't wait to see Sheldon and Amy's relationship escalate. (amy is played by that chic from Blossom fame) Bring on the Penny Penny Penny!

Season to watch : All! but if I have to'll be Season 4..when Amy was made a regular

Criminal Minds

I dunno why CM gets a lot of flack from TWOP, this show is awesome!...I started watching during season 4 @ astro (cable) ...liked it but was only interested watching it from Astro. That is until a colleague gave me the full 1-7 season. I watched it religiously and after 4 months..I'm up to date..and just on time, cause last week is the latest season (8) premier. Again I would like to stress out this is a great's not only a fbi chasing criminals show it has more layers..some eps were really outstanding.

Season to watch : 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 (skip the early eps in season 6)


Best show with a serial killer as the lead. Introduce by a colleague of mine cause he said I would love this type of show..and I did..a lot! I like the fact that the lead is a Anti-Hero...and how dark and very layered his character is...and then we have Michael C Hall...greaaat actor!. I also like Julie Benz..but that all went to hell after season 4...Last season was pretty piss poor with a very lame big bad..but the latest episode ..things are looking up..pretty intense premier.

Season to watch: 1 + 4 (John Lithgow was good in S4)

well gotta Still waiting in the wings are American Horror Story, Supernatural, Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries! (don't judge me!) more of those in the next post..maybe.

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asrap virtuoso said...

Big Bang Theory aku minat Bernadette dari Penny. Tp Penny mmg slalu pakai seksi ;P.

American Horror Story mcm best jerh, tp x sempat tgk dr dulu.... cite baru yg aku baru nak start layan, Revolution, cite pasal dunia tanpa kuasa elektrik...