Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Month Week 2

awooooofff! back for another week. Week 2 was a busy week for me (work-wise and life :P) but I still manage to sit in front of the TV and watch these few horror movies. Oh before I proceed...Sinister is out this week, shriiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkssss!

1.Dark Shadows

About : Dude turned into a vampire (actually cursed), captured then buried alive. Decades later he's out and wanting revenge. Laughter

In a nutshell : Johnny Depp typecast; Tim Burton WTH happen?

so... : never watched the original show and after this I don't intend to...I don't like this one. It was dull, not funny and the leads have no redeeming qualities am I suppose to root for em? Johnny Depp is again a's getting old by now and I'm bored. The only redeeming thing bout this flick are the visuals (but if you've seen one Burton movie u've seen it all) and Eva Green who was marvelous as the witch..the cracking effects helps too.

2.The New Kids

Love this poster, has this retro + cover book feel

About : After their parents died in a freak accident, the kids (1 gal 1 guy) were forced to move in their uncle's house. At the new school they are targeted by the school bullies.

In a nutshell : not bad...everything I expect from a Sean Cunningham flick.

so... : Sean Cunningham..dude's a legend..he created of my fav villain (Michale still wins though)..he also produce and direct a bevy of horror I was excited too see this one. After's ok...I was expecting Friday the 13th hack and slash flick..but it's not like that at all. It's mainly bout the siblings adjusting to the new school..and while at that..bunch of bullies make their life thing exciting bout this flick stars a very young James Spader and Lori Loughlin, u know the hottie in Full House.

3.The Tall Man

About : A small town is terrorize by someone they dubbed the Tall Man, who has been kidnapping children.

In a nutshell : OMG GREAT FLICK!

so... : I did not see this one coming..I read few reviews saying it's a good flick..but I did not expect it to be this good!..the flick me throw me into a spin...the flick is not what you expect it to be. The less I say bout the movie the better..but I got two things to say. Jessica Biel was good in this flick..she's known for her bod which then distracted viewers from her acting chops..but in this flick she proves that she can act!(good thing they tone down her hotness) And then there's the twist..I did not see that coming. Love this one!

4.Taken 2

About : Producers wants fast money so they decided to make an unnecessary sequel to the awesome Taken.

In a nutshell : pfffffffffffffffft

so... : I shun off this flick cause I read a lot of bad reviews bout this flick. But nothing else was good at the cinema! You expect me to watch Universal Soldier I dunno what # which trailer looks so dull it could just have been a direct to video flick? Anyway Taken...I label it as a fast money's uninspired and lacking the intense action scenes from the first flick. But to be fair..the first half was ok..but the second half was just too quick to resolve all the problem. Avoid this one, please.

5.Halloween 20 Years Later
About : the final showdown between Michael and Laurie.. yum! (it's not the final showdown I know..but refuse to remember Halloween 7.

In a nutshell : siblings duking it out..loving it!
Love this scene and the chase that leads up to this scene.

so... : H20 has its flaws (the logic for one) but it's one of the finer sequels to's short the point..and the main characters from the original Halloween came back to duke it out. Also I had fond memories seeing this movie 3 times at the cinema back when it first came out (tickets were really affordable back then). Like last week I'm glad I ended up with a flick I love..but maybe next week I'm gonna try something that I have not watch before..and see how it fairs..I might come upon another treasure like Tall Man (watch Tall Man people!)


asrap virtuoso said...

Tall Man sounds interesting. X sedar plak aku tuh cite baru, ingat lama punye cite.

Baca byk komen kata Sinister best... aku nak pegi tgk dlm couple of hours.

reza said...

tu ah byk comment sinister best, aku tgk mlm kang!...yuh yuh...i'm expecting to be impressed