Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Month Week 3

And I'm back!
Bad week for me , movie-wise..watched a lot of average to below average own fault for trying out lots of new flick I have not seen before or checked it out based on hearsay (except for Tall Man of course)...won't do it again this week. Anyway last week at the movies!

1. AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

About : Aliens vs Predator basically

In a nutshell : I love Aliens, anything with Xenomorph in it is a win for me.

so... : I didn't really intend to watch this flick this month, but when I saw a friend of mine updated his status with something like "Aliens flick are always good..except AVPR" ..that got me riled up a bit. But I didn't pick a fight with the dude, cause dude's a good friend of mine..and an opinion is an opinion. But generally this flick is shrug off by 99% of the population. I'm one of the few that liked this one...not love but liked. Of all the Aliens related series AVP is the one I had an issue with. Anyway AVPR..liked had mucho alien vs predator action and the most important thing of all Pred-Alien was hooooooooooot!...loving the look..1 problem..the flick is at time way too dark..great cover-up for shitty FX but bad for viewers to wanna actually see something.

2. Prophecy (1979)

About : A mutated bear wrecks havoc on a countryside

In a nutshell : a 1979 flick so expect poor fx, it doesn't really age well but it still have its few unsettling scenes

so... : for a long time I was searching for this flick, I watched it way back when I was a lil bit, and was freaked out by some of the bear attack scenes (the campers scene) ..and suddenly out of the blue I saw this list (top 10 fav Man vs Beast flick) from a fav reviewer of mine and notice one of the flicks sounded awfully familiar...and after hunting it down, true enough this is the flick! The wonders of the internet for ya. As for the movie, well I don't remember it being this slow..but all is well when the bear starts showing off it's ugly mug, and still to this date I found the campers being ravage scene (they were eaten/ravage off screen) was pretty brutal. And then the last 20 mins of the flick is still as good as I use to problem though : the bear looks like it was skateboarding while stalking the town-folks ..made me laugh a little..damn u 70s fx.

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning

About : The beginnings of Mr Leatherface

In a nutshell : first viewing the flick when it first came out, I hated this flick...seeing it back still pfft-able but it does have it's cool moments.
Run Diora..RUN!

so... : the only good thing I got out from this flick when I first saw it was Diora Baird. She's hot! and that's it...but now watching it again..I guess I was being slightly harsh on the flick. Maybe cause those days I was so full of myself deciding which flick rules and which flick does not. As I said earlier, it ain't the best but there are a few stand-out moments.

4. Sinister

About : A writer moves into a house in which the past tenants were brutally murdered.

In a nutshell : pretty neat, this year's insidious / drag me to hell for me

so... : first up, the opening sequence. WOW! Love it, very atmospheric .. the super 8 effect was also a nice touch. Next, Ethan Hawke, dude ur awesome! Freak out factor, a lot! even though some of the scenes I've already seen it from the trailers. However these scary moments rely too much on the sound fx which volume was pumped up to the max. A good scary flick should not really entirely on these boom fx..*and black cats jumping out of nowhere. The Deity / villain is interesting and scary looking which is always good. The mystery surrounding the deity was also fun. Now the ending, felt a bit rush..would love for the makers to slow it down a bit...but overall, a good one

5. The Barrens
About : Family man decides to bring his family down for the weekend at the Barrens, legend has it The Jersey Devil lurks in the forest killing unexpected visitors

In a nutshell : boring, moring, snoring, wth wth wth

so... : I saw this solely cause a reviewer was praising the flick..and I don't get it after watching this flick. It's bloody boring. A pity cause it has a few cool names attached to the flick (Shawn Ashmore, Stephen Moyer, MIA freakin Kirshner!) I've always been fascinated with the Jersey Devil legend, but up till now no one has come up with an interesting story and concept for the legend. Even X-Files tried once and it was just lukewarm for me..oh but Supernatural's episode dedicated for the beast was not bad..but still...I need a full length film for Jersey Devil, pleaseeee.

6. Wrong Turn 5
About : Hmmm nothing new here, just more victims for the inbreds

In a nutshell : 1 was awesome, 2 was interesting, 3 was bleaggggggh, 4 gave me hope and 5 reduce the franchise to a pile of dung.

so... : The previous installment (4th a prequel) was not bad, gave me hope for the future of the series. And then this came..sigh..the kills were good and cool but the story is getting tired. And the inbreds looks worst that before, fail in the makeup category. erm that's it..nothing new.

7. Werewolf : Beast Among Us
About : Set in the 19th century, a group of hunters are hunting down a peculiar Werewolf that has been terrorizing a small community.

In a nutshell : ..hey at least it's not sparkling vampires!

so... : it's ok, kinda a letdown for the last horror flick for the week, but it will do I suppose. The first scene set up the movie nicely, but as it progress there's not really anything interesting bout the movie. There are a few twist and the reasoning behind the killings is pretty good plus the fx was not too shabby but alas it fails to be interesting. I think I wanna check out one of the Howling flicks this month..let see how that one fares.
And that's it...

p/s : Silent Hill this week.....wohoooooooooo!


asrap virtuoso said...

One more week kan? Aku punye season dah abis, plus aku x byk tgk cite horror utk Halloween thn nih...

p/s: tgk trailer Silent Hill baru tuh mcm byk sgt CGI... aku x prefer sgt kalo cite horror byk CGI nih... kalo old school special effects cam zaman first evil dead baru best..

thanezra said...

Ckp pesal Evil Dead tgk x red band trailer remake Evil Dead? Awesome gila!

mohamad said...

Last nite aku watched BURIED for a 2nd time, awesome lg sekali lah. B4 dat am watched INSIDOUS(baru nak tgk movie ni), shitbrix!!!!!!!!! Awesome

reza said...

ahahah 2-2 movie tu best, susah nak cari org suka tgk buried tu, masa tgk kat wayang dulu rasa satu pawagam keluar penuh emosi kecuali aku yg enjoyed it

asrap virtuoso said...

Dadh tgk dah trailer Evil Dead tuh... bad-ass giler... lagi2 babak belah lidah tuh..