Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween month Week 1

Damnit I promise myself I would update this on the first week of the month, but am too bloody busy is hard..and I'm like taking my last few minutes left of my office hours to update the blog.

Anyway..Halloween month! wooopeeedoooo! Like last year am gonna watch as much horror flicks I can during this awesome party though this year as Halloween falls on Wednesday this year and I work mostly at night time. Unlike last year in which I limit myself to 2 horror flicks per week this time I'm gonna go for more than 2. So here's last my first week

1. Detention

About : High School kids gets killed off one by one and then...I got lost.

In a nutshell : The style is hip and cool but halfway through I got confuse on what I was watching.

So... : Well it started off really funny, and as I said the styling is cool..and then it got too MTV..very flashy and the storyline went out the window cause I don't get what I was watching...or maybe I'm just too mature now for these sort of flicks? I dunno, the styling is pretty much like Scott Pilgrim a movie I loathe (I'm in the minority I know)

2.Chernobyl Diaries

About : Tourist deemed visiting the Chernobyl site is a good ain't

In a nutshell : snoozefest

So... : Firstly, it was marketed as a found footage is not! not even partially. Shaky cams galore sure but it was not held by the cast member ala Cloverfield. The cast was ok with the exception of teen pop idol Jesse McCathy which looked seriously out of place. The thrills equals to none..well except the appearance of a rabid bear which was a far scarier scene than any of the scenes with the mutants..the kills are ALL offscreen which led me to belief that the movie is made on a very tight budget..but comeone at least show someone getting bitten or something...and with that this one is lame..avoid.(figures the reviews were all bad)

3. Massacre at Central High

About : New guy seeks revenge on the school bullies and then when all of em are killed off, the existing losers went over their heads and decided to become the new bullies. New guy not guy kills again.

In a nutshell : another weird flick, the plot doesn't make sense and the script was downright funny..but the bottom-line is I had fun watching this one.

So...: This flick doesn't make sense, high school students are getting killed off one by one and people are still going to school merrily. The obvious victims don't even have a clue or act like they actually care when they're obviously in the kill list...and no one even suspected the very obvious killer?!??(some does but did nothing) WTF.and then the script good god it was funny, there's this one scene where the lead chic is confessing to her bf that she nearly cheated was SILLY!..even the actress delivering the line was half-ass acting during that scene..but with that said..with the campy vibe and knowing this movie is from the 70s I had a good time watching this one..if given a better budget it might have been a great solid slasher flick. Oh extra note Kimberly Beck is in this flick, she's the lead chic in one of the better Friday the 13th sequels (Final Chapter)

4. Beneath the Darkness

About : The mortician is hiding a secret..stupid kids decided it's fun to check out what it is.

In a nutshell : zzzzzzzzzzz

So...: I'm gonna start with the leads, they deserve what is coming to them..I don't fell any remorse..they were seriously asking for it, Though it is a pity that one of em died (oh please like ur gonna watch it after this review) ..The plot is pretty simple and the big mystery surrounding the mortician is not really jaw dropping worthy in fact I actually felt sad for the mortician (dennis quiad btw)..gross sure but still sad. Oh Dennis Quiad makes an okay villain he looks like joker sometimes..and over did his scenes from time to time..but without him the tv would be watching me and not the other way around.

5. Hotel Transylvania

About : A hotel for monsters hidden from humans

In a nutshell : I'm Draculla!..bleh bleh bleh~

So...: I know I know this is not a horror flick but it's about monsters..that counts right? It's not the best animation ever but it has it's cool moments. Some of the lines are noteworthy (I'm still using bleh bleh bleh whilst my cousin is still using that Zing word) and meant to teach us something I suppose..well cartoons are normally meant to send out message no? started out pretty boring but when the lol scenes started it laugh-city till the end credits..I employ you to watch it, it's still screening ..don't go for 3D though..there's not much 3D going for this flick.

6. Fright Night

About : A vampire moves in next door, nuff said

In a nutshell : You're so cool Brewster!

So...: Still a great flick and didn't feel dated at all. I remember saying after watching the remake that Colin Farrel was a better Jerry..WHAT WAS I THINKING...watching this again..Chris Sarandon IS the better Jerry. He oozes with charm and when he gets all monstery (is there such word) ..he was downright scary..and the makeup helps too..why can't people do vampire makeup like that what we get are glowing vampires..pffft. The cast was excellent..but my highlight is Evil Ed...he was way cool! His scene with the red wig freaked me out as a kid..well now too a little. Good thing I ended the week with this felt good!

All in all, an okay week of horror..the only F@$@! up flick was Chernobyl Diaries..till the following week people! Bleh bleh bleh!


asrap virtuoso said...

Yeah... aku tau ni favourite month ko so mmg tunggu Halloween post.

p/s: no way is Colin Farrel a better Jerry than Chris Sarandon. But yeah, Evil Ed rules!!!

reza said...

Halloween best, tapi aku stress tgk astro time mkn kat mamak asyik2 cerita horror je