Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Month : The Last 3 Days

I know we are no longer in October, but I can't update all the time. So the last 3 days of Halloween was spent checking out movie that I've seen and a recommendation by a fav horror website. I don't wanna endure another Howling 2, C.H.U.D and The Barrens...still I would prefer dressing up and go to a party but alas, Halloween falls on a movie it is.

1. Ginger Snaps The Beginning

About : Sisterhood with Werewolves on the side

In a nutshell : One of the few legitimate werewolf flicks of 21st century, In my opinion lah.

so... : I've seen this one before, actually I've watched the trilogy but why I did not start from Ginger Snaps and went directly to the last movie? Well for starters eventhough the characters R have the same name (and actress playing em) it's a totally different it's a stand alone I was in the mood to see something with an old setting (in this case 19th century) Ginger Snaps though a bit slower than what I remember..was still good. The sisterhood theme was strong in this fact the whole franchise is actually bout sisterhood. And the actress playing Ginger? Wooofff!! (where've you gone huh?) Emily Perkins is also cool as the nerdy sister..saw her recently in one of the Supernatural eps..girl do like to be in horror flicks (good for her) ..hmm what else? I dunno...I enjoyed this's way way waaay better than Howling 2.

2. Demons 2

About : an apartment building filled with demons attacking the remaining survivors

In a nutshell : I remember watching this one with my cousins...we love it. It's not really scary save a few scenes...but golly was this one a hoot to watch.

so... : beforehand I can't decide which Demons to watch, but I ended up with the 2nd one cause of the nostalgic factor. After watching it thank god I still had fun even with the annoying badly handled dubbing work. The first hour of the flick was fun but the few last minutes were pretty blah. One big ugh scene for me was the small muppet-like demon that came out this one kid...that was stupid, should have edited that scene out..Other than that..a fun watch.

3. Hostel

About : Unsuspecting Americans became targets of a very malicious organization.

In a nutshell : the term torture porn comes from this flick I suppose.

so... : I didn't really like this movie when it first came out. Watching it back I still don't think it's the best movie's just ok. I dunno what else to say bout this flick except if you have a weak stomach don't watch the Human Centipede instead!...ahahaha kidding.

4. Splinter 2008

About : A couple must fight their way through some gnarly looking monsters / aliens

In a nutshell : love like love like!

so... : This is that one movie I have not seen before. Decided to watch only because the "movies you should watch during Halloween" I saw recommended this one (and few other but I've seen em all) watch it I did..and like/love it I did. The monster idea and fx was cool! I like they twisted / merge the monsters..looks something from The Thing (but it ain't) and the addition of those splinters sticking out were a nice touch!..story was pretty simple but the characters were awesome..I was rooting for the couple the whole way. The lead dude was a breath of fresh air..not your typical macho shit lead. So yeah..good recommendation this one.

5. John Carpenter's Vampires

About : Vampire Hunters hunting vampires and hopes to find The Master

In a nutshell : ...hmmm it has it moments

so... : I love it when this came out, while critics didn't. Now watching it back..I think I can understand why it received few love when it first came out. The first scene was good..but then it kinda went really looked like the makers don't know how to continue and finish the flick...especially the ending! The ending was way choppy!..thank god though for the original concept or idea of hunting the vampires and! those Master Level Vampires. However the lead Vampire was .. I dunno..not really that scary? The other vampires were scarier.

6. Cabin in the Woods

About : Something peculiar is happening in the Cabin in the Woods

In a nutshell : One of the best flick this year..nuff said!

so... : Yeah I decided to watch this again. It was either this or Scream 4, but Scream 4 I've seen like 3 times already and CITW just once. And after second viewing movie is still as fun and quirky at it was the first time I see it. And this time I see it without any cuts!...wohooo no censorship involved. I've already reviewed this one early this year and the opinion still I'm not gonna babble more.

7. Halloween 2 (not Rob Zombie's)

About : Michael Myers wants Laurie....TO DIE! (how uninspiring I know)

In a nutshell : a great followup to the original Halloween flick.

so... : I saw this movie early 2000-ish cause I could never find a copy of it...and after watching it I loved it, even if the flick was from 1981, it has suspense! the hospital setting was nice and eerie and time and the score they used was excellent. I do however despise the first 20-30 mins of the flick BACK THEN..but now watching it back (in HD I might add..hehe) .. I like it!'s like Michael Myers big adventure..hehe...and with that I'm glad I ended the month with this one. Maybe next time I should do a movie night with friends with popcorn and all..hehe..well till next year people..have and excellent remaining months of the year.


asrap virtuoso said...

pehh... talk about weak stomach, aku human centepide pon x nak tgk, so mmg akan avoid Hostel... aku mmg x suka cite gore2 nih... cite paling disturbing walaupon seronok (still x nak rewatch) ialah Cannibal Holocaust.

reza said...

not saying i'm all for gore..but it is a plus...nak tgk teruk lagi? try ah Salo...sick man sick1

mohamad said...

Human centipede cannot lah dude. . . . . . Gile aaahh. Watch trailer pun dah nak pitam. Ha ha ha.. . .

mohamad said...

Salo (1975)

The Film: Pier Paolo Pasolini's final film mixed the Marquis De Sade with extreme politics, as a group of teenagers is forced into months of torture by their disgusting Fascist captors.

Why You'll Only Watch It Once: Individually, any of the episodes would probably make you think twice; together, they are unendurable.

*i can imagine now wht was tis movie about n the scenes look like. Hell no for me. Ha ha ha*

reza said...

ahahah siap check tu
ye movie tu mmg disturbing..sian aku tgk bebudak tu

fadz said...

Salo is def the intelectual cinemagoer's dream to Hostel.

Tapi aku tgk berkali2 tak pernah rasa takut.. hahhaah

luve this list, and i think, im the only guy who likes Rob Zombies Haloween, hahaha

Joni Dep said...

Hostel part 1. Ada cameo Takashi Miike kan? Part 2 & 3 hampeh.

Review Skyfall:

Sudi2lah komen sebaris dua.


reza said...

fadz : ko mmg abnormal..ahahaha

joni Dep : Baik when i have the time will singgah