Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reasons to have a twitter account

You get exciting news like theseeeeeeeee!!!

On a side note I'm so happy that Bryan Singer will helm the director's chair AND the next X-men plot would be featuring the Days of Future Past arc! ...wohoo..Bring in Rachel Summers!


asrap virtuoso said...

Glad Ian Mckellen and Patrick Steward are on board... they're getting old and might not be acting for longer...

p/s: twitter is definitely great for interacting with celebs... sometimes they even reply or retweet you!

thanezra said...

true! specially Patrick Stewart he was born to be Prof X! ..

as for the twitter sometimes they do but my acc is private if I tweet em they wont see it..sigh..many times I tweeted Wes Craven and did not get a reply..sniff :P