Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For the sake of an update

Haven't been watching much movie lately, this Sandy thingy has been making my office life miserable, fortunately me boss and 1 "mak nenek" (blabber mouth) is out for Diwali so I can sneak a few moments writing stuff down. Oh before that Happy Diwali to those who celebrate and Salam Awal Muharram to all Muslim who celebrates it.

And here's my update! Guess this movie!..ehehe. I just saw this clip at a website and automatically brought me back memories of watching this great underrated movie at the big screen. This image is one for the books. Ha ok tu jer...malas tulih memanjang ..kang keje tak gerak aku yang kena.

Oh I saw Skyfall like finally...Casino Royale still is the bomb for me..


mohamad said...

Bro, penat lah brain nak guess wht movie. Ha ha ha. Clue?

Henzy said...

Girl Next Door?

Henzy said...

Eh jap sah sah ko rename file tu Sobieski.


reza said...

henzy : gahahahaha siap tgk file name, tu screencap beb, mmg aku yg namakan...cis baru ingat nak bagi "someone who looks like a young Helen Hunt" , dan no bkn Girl Next door.

Henz + Mohd : Clue! "Candy Cane"

kalau pernah tgk movie ni obvious sangat clue tu

mohamad said...

Joyride. Yeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

reza said...

ahaha caya ah bro, betul Joyride...movie fav aku ngan one of my best bud

mohamad said...

Yup. Luv tis movie ah!!!!! Aku dah watched joyride 3-4 times dah.. Sobieski is hot dude!!!!!

thanezra said...

ehehe aku ada DVD dia, one of the best DVD bagi aku
extras dia banyak...deleted scene sampai tukar terus jalan cerita.
and yes dlm ni sobieski hot gila...mmg swoon ah tgk dia muncul first camtu..ahahaha