Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pitch Perfect : Yeah I saw a Glee-Like flick..so?

Walking out of the cinema with my friends, one of em turned to me and asked.."so u stressed out yet?" ..heh. You see this time the friend of mine did the booking instead of me..so I follow the masses, what they wanted to see, and since most of em are chics .. they all decided on Pitch Perfect. I was honestly okay with it..hey a movie is a movie, plus the trailer was hella funny...and secretly I didn't tell the bookie that I actually like musicals..hey Sound of Music and Greaseare up there in my top fav flicks. So to answer the question post at the top..."nope, not at all"

Pitch Perfect is about this one all girl singing group who intends to win the national competition. In order to do that they must enlist a rag tag group of misfits.

First the good in which I'm happy to say there's a lot! The music mash up were fun! and cool..I love music, don't really know how to judge it professionally but what I like I like..I especially love some 80s or early 90s music. So you can imagine my joy when early on the movie...The Sign by Ace of Base were sung ever so cutely by the Bellas (the group mentioned in the synopsis) with a very outrageous outcome that made my jaw dropped. Did not see that coming. And speaking of outrageous..there are a lot of LOL scenes and lines in the flick...watch out for Fat Amy played by Rebel Wilson...she was Hilarious! She herself contributed to 80 percent of the awesomeness of this movie.
The other misfits were pretty cool and funny. They blended nicely to the storyline while giving ample screen time to each and everyone of em to shine. Watch out for the Lesbian, Miss Boobs and The Weirdo...they were all awesome when their scenes are up. The leads were okay I guess..I wasn't much into the main characters...actually the leads conflict were sorta trivial..pretty boring..but for me this movie is about the music and not story. Not saying the storyline sux, it's just not to my liking. The lines though..were to die for!..some cool lines it there.

The ending though left me slightly sour as the last song played, personally for me was just okay. I would like to hear a more fresher mash-up..some very new and something from the 80s or 90s (okay the truth : I wanted Call Me Maybe..LOL)..but this may be subjective..others may fine the mash-up just fine. I just did not. Oh well at least they have B.O.B - Magic mixed in there. Overall it's enjoying and not at all annoying like Glee..good watch..go watch this aca-awesome flick!

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Henzy said...

HeHe, bukan kita pergi tgk Hairspray sama2 ker? Kool gak apa that flick.

reza said...

Hairspray aku tgk sorang-sorang la, sedih sgt..aku masih ingat kenangan pahit tgk sorang cerita tu cause rasa nak menari tapi xda geng..dem...now see what u've done henzy!

Henzy said...

Weih awak tgk dgn saya la saya ingat lagiiiiiiiii!

reza said...

aku seriously rasa aku tgk Hairspray sorang...cause aku sedih tgk cerita tu sorang2...mau nanges dlm pawagam...ahaha