Thursday, August 09, 2007


2 days back saw this pool in IMDB, kinda interesting...just from that pool...I can tell Diaz career highlights or timeline in the industry.*Diaz is Cameron Diaz btw.So the list is what you remember her most in.Character wise ... and yeah her portfolio is an interesting one...she does act a lot in memorable movies...

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here's the pool :

The voice of Princess Fiona
The frizzy-haired psycho in Being John Malkovich
One of the dynamic Charlie's Angels trio, and Drew Barrymore's BFF
The unfortunately gelled Mary Jensen in There's Something About Mary
The girl who shakes her rump in every movie
The miscast prostitute in Gangs of New York
The miscast football team owner in Any Given Sunday
The girl who broke her nose surfing
The girl with who upset Peruvians with her Maoist handbag just a couple months ago
The girl who made her big-screen debut in The Mask
The only flavor in Vanilla Sky
The girl who Anna Faris was reportedly imitating in Lost in Translation
The star of so-bad-they're-good indies such as A Life Less Ordinary and The Sweetest Thing
The person who upstaged Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding
The lovelorn person who was upstaged by the equally lovelorn Kate Winslet in The Holiday
Dyslexic Maggie from In Her Shoes
Justin Timberlake's ex
One of the few female members of the "$20 Million Club

i actually dont get the last one, but i vote the most memorable one, won by a landside...guess which one is it, or even better...which one u find her most memorable as

*masih emo office takleh bukak blog...takper2 12 hari lagi fuhhhh sabar sabar happy thoughts2


janet said...

aku chop "The star of so-bad-they're-good indies such as A Life Less Ordinary and The Sweetest Thing"

btw, nape suddenly CAMERON DIAZ????

reza said...

sbb once upon a time dulu dia sangat comel

dan kor salah tet!!

janet said...

aku dah tau chop!!!!

thanezra said...

tuh pon aku bitau

memorable adalah mary lah kan
serious funny cerita tuh

tiba2 gelak sorang diri

janet da jonet said...

eh mana ada. atas usaha sendiri OK.