Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Merdeka Day

Thanks to Milo for the port, thanks for Anne for trying..thanks to mah parents for letting me go till 6a.m in the morning..heeee..And again Happy Independence Day Malaysia!!! really proud to be apart of this country and privilege to have witness the excellent2 i'm gonna be 70 for the 100th Anniversary..

Now am off to see The Invasion with cyber,kena makeup elok2 cepat!...huhuhuhu hope its good..mesraaaaaaaa!

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*updated : invasion manyak bagus,sebuah remake yg ok.Film paranoya yg bagus...tetapi ending tak seberapa hebat ngan ending Invasion Body Snatchers thn 70-an.7/10


Che underscore Lee said...

oooo dating dgn Cyber tak ajjjaaakk!!

reza said...

u werent here lah