Friday, August 10, 2007

Office stories again

Nearing my last day now Reza the beeyatch is in On more nice and pleasent(actually tak lah pleasent sangat)...and my plan to make Veron's life a living hell has started, eheheh no more doing favours for that Faker.

Veron : Reza, can you bid for next week plsss.Help me ya :=P
Reza : Sorry can't , I got interview everyday next week


the end


Razlimalasnaklogin said...

Siap ada emoticon jelir lidah tak tahan tuh.

delamyra said...

hahahahahaha :)) zast gila

reza said...

oh sebelum lupa

bid tuh = overtime

if anyone confuse lah

inaz said...

dahsyat... ehhehehehe