Monday, September 03, 2012

Movies that scared the crap out of me # 2

Hey! It's back! Another chapter of movies that scared the crap out of me. Wanted to do something else but the bloody DVD I have won't play..guess I gotta find other means (:P) to screen cap that scene. Anyway #2 movies that scared the crap out of me is...


I read a review somewhere that states the new Blu Ray copy of Jaws is awesome as the image quality is enhance 10x and of course me being the movie freak I was raised to become went looking for the copy and found it and boy was I impressed.
Anyway..Jaws who wasn't freaked out by it went if first came out? Granted I wasn't even born yet when it came out but when I first saw it (a kid dunno what age ) It scared the crap out of me!
There were 3 scenes that got imbedded in me brain forever..1st is of course the first victim scene, that scene is a classic..first time watching you tend to wonder what attacked her (but then again if you see the poster..well u know)..but I did wonder cause I was a kid and I dunno what Jaws was about (dulu xda internet ye) 2nd scene was the 2nd victim scene which was really a sad scene cause a kid got eaten by the shark..and that my friends is pretty taboo for a standard movie..gutsy move I tell ya..and being a kid myself first time watching made me understand that no one is safe. and lastly the pond scene where we catch a glimpse of the big ass shark..the victim's severed leg didn't scare me really but when I caught a glimpse of the shark mouth open slowly reaching the victim..yikes I tell you yikes!

I would like to add watching the flick in HD made me tear up, the image was very detailed, the first victim scene is not that dark can actually see boobs now!..ahahaha...

Why was I affected by this movie?
1. Sharks are real..duh
2. I love to a kid swimming in the sea I tend to hear that freaky Jaws theme while swimming..and then I panic and go back to the beach..(actually I think most people did back then when the flick came out)
3. A kid died!..pretty brutal scene lak can see the sea turned red instantly
4. Sharks are real damnit!


asrap virtuoso said...

BluRay skang mmg gambar cun giler. Lagik2 bila tgk TV HD.

If there was a film that I could travel back in time to see at the cinemas, it would be this. The start of the Speilberg era.

p/s: "We're gonna need a bigger boat"

reza said...

tu la jakun aku tgk BluRay kat HD tv fist time..only if sound system aku pon hot...sigh

and dude buat la top 10 tu, "films I would love to see at the cinema back then"