Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That Golden Thingy

Well last week cinema galore yet again, gotta stop this habit..money in bank is reducing fastly, someone @ office told me I'm wasting my money going to the cinema 24/7but whatever lah kan..it's my life, mah money.Anyhoot back to Golden Compass last ..friday rasanyer.Near midnite show,with Eda and BF + milo and that kluxy guy.Here's what me thinks....

Plot : Ok bare with me cause I'm a wee bit lost with the plot outline here.Here's my guess, A 13 year old orphan chick stumbles upon a plot by the Mag..something to rule the world and other reality.So it's up to her and her very shiny Golden Compass to thwart their plans with a hottie witch chic,some guy who flies a big baloon? a bear and Gyptians (spelling mungkin salah)

Verdict :Golden Compass...have nooooooo idea what this movie would be about, all i know is it's some fantasy movie (yet again) looking to bank in loads of money like the LOTR franchise. Well personally I don't actually mind cause fantasy movie kinda was extinct awhile back (before LOTR), I remember the times where there were loads of fantasy stuff shown @ TV like The Princess Bride,Ewoks movie..even Conan!

Now back to the Compass, the good..i love the concept..specially the deamon thing.Quick note; Deamon's are kinda like our spirit animal, if we die they die..vice versa.What made it even cooler is after the human dies the deamon automatically turns to dust..and it was beautiful :D...it reminds me a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the vamps automatically turns to dust when killed.Appart from that the backdrop, the props the, the costume was awesomeeeeeee!way regal, specially for Nicole.

The characters are also kinda cool.Kinda like the girl, she's mischievous..not like those typical "oh i'm a sweet virgin girl".Then there's the big ass bear...hoh! me like that..the battle between him and this other bear was fab!..specially the outcome..Nicole!...way classy and regal..nuff said..and lastly that Witch Serafina something...fuh..she's hot and there's a feeling fo serenity whenever she's on screen..dunno why *maybe muka dia cam buhsan kot.

The Unforgivable bad...I DONT GET THIS MOVIE...i really dunno what it's about..too many Jargans..i was like aha aha..ok..ok, eh what?!!!!..somebody rewind!People say the pacing is slow..i beg to differ...i dont think it's slow, infact i think its a bit too fast in sense of that more explanation is needed for people to understand (or maybe just me).It's also very compact,lots of things is put in there but not much of a developement..and that my friends...turns me off!..

Me end with and above avarage flick,definately would see the sequel..but won't kill anyone for tickets..6.5/10

Now prior to Golden Compass me saw Heartbreak Kid, with izar,milo,klux,kak ju and adlie..not much to say bout the movie..it was ok i guess but in a way i kinda hated it..Y?...easy..it's mean spirited..I don't see the msg..actually i don't think there was a msg.Ben Stiller's character is annoying,mean and stupid + difficult..and he thinks his newly wed wife was bad?sheesh!...the jokes are sorta funny at times..1 scene in particular is definately Stiller's thing..getting all tantrum over something (me talking bout the time he went mad at the mexican singers)..I had hope at least there's some redeeming qualities from the dude's characther but nope...nothing..I rather see Shallow Hall..4.5/10

Now my fav part...scary movies!weeeeeeee..first up is a croc movie titled Black Water..

Plot : 3 people went fishing and is terrorize by a croc who's definately pissed of about something..actually the croc is kinda like some psycho..stalking,taunting..pandai itu croc.

Verdict : Suspense, though lacking in pace..it was really a suspensefull flick for me..*kaki aku bnayak terangkat weih!..bodoh buaya..buat aku cuak 24/7.I was trully scared for those people..cause the water was murky and the croc could anytime decide to CAK! himself*in which he did!!!!!bodoh buaya!

For a low budget movie,the flick is pretty good,kudos.Acting was nothing to scream about but good enough.The croc was ok looking..at least it's not CGI all the way..however!..it was kinda slow..and with the Aussie accent I was like huh!?..i actually struggle a bit in the beginning.But the struggle was worth it..7/10


Plot : A workaholic lady is trapped and stalked at the carpark.

Verdict : Not bad..not bad at all.Good thing bout this movie is that it can happen, and unlike Heartbreak Kid there might be a msg there..which is "DON'T WORK TILL EVERYONE LEFT YOU STUPID COW!SPECIALLY DURING HOLIDAY!".

Suspense?Good enough..mainly cause the stalker was creepy..Wes Bently was a dead on, as always.The chic also did well, i like to note that I love it when the chic at least got hurt badly during the running and screaming..like that chic who got her fingers cut in House of Wax..she also did well securing her boobs cause it looks like it will pop out anytime and greet HELLO!

The gore..suprisingly..gory!You got guts!ok guts!..I was genuinely shocked.Pacing?ok enuff..there are some slow parts but it gets better..I don't think there's more to say appart from ..6/10


Che underscore Lee said...

see! ko mesti ade sebut or describe boobs in your horror movie kan?

reza said...

tapi tak selalu
enchanted aku tak sebut pon boobs itu amy adams :D

yg nih sebut pon cause obvious..takper u won't understand..hik

fadz said...

yeay, ada alasan tak yah tgk Heartbreak Kid

milo boyd said...

sorry cannot make it for tomolo (nangis..nak sgt tgk i am lagend actually)..bukan dah susut dah duit..zero tross hoyeah..giler 3days in a row tgk midnite..i think i should save the money n buy projector je..project kat dinding n dld all the movies!! sape nak share??? hahahahaha awesome tak idea aku? pffttt!

golden compass sux! heartbreak kid..giggles wont make me happy!..across the universe is my fav movie of the year!..second on my chart would be stardust..100X better than kompas emas!

nak tgk i am lagend.... :( (cry in the shower)

reza said...

hey golden compass not really that bad..actually tak bad pon...tapi tak faham kor ok tak ngan heartbreak kid?...anyhoo aku tgk stardust dah baru2 nih...tapi dlm keadaan ngantuk tapi..ehehe takder lah menarik mana..:P..cuma robert deniro lawak gampang...

anyhoo best movie aku lain nyeeeeeeee!

dan projector?...xmo..kor tinggal jauh sangat

Che underscore Lee said...

i said horror movie.. bukan semua movie.. asal horror movie je.. sure berkaitan dgn nudity dan boobies kan? cam ala2 tarikan supaya org tgk.. cth hebat: Final Destination 3

dan ko dah tgk I am Legend?? best tak?

Siberkop said...

I am Legend saya tgk next week la nyah.

Hari ni cam 'petang' sgt jer.

Dela said...

aku setuju ngan kor. tanampak persal movie compass dicipta. tapi mebe second one kot dia citer pesal per kot yer...hmm tgk je la nanti.

and you got the right word! yey... too fast to understand :))...tapi slow for me pasal. mana seplot nyer? mebe cam membuat aku tertunggu2 apa motif aku tgk movie nieh

reza said...

cyber : im legend mengecewakan daku..sedih

che : tak semua dan tak semestinyer..

dela: YEAH ada orang setuju.

milo boyd said...

heartbreak kid tuh..tah cam biase je..tak brape suke gak..masih..aku rase golden compass sux..sbb..ko cube tanyer klux camne aku duduk..tak senang duduk dan aku sgt counting time bile citer tuh nak habis..dan aku almost cucuk chipster kat mata aku supaya aku tak tertido..dan org sebelah aku CABUT BULU HIDUNG!!!!!

but who knows..mebbe yg second nnt menarik...(berharap TAK duduk di sebelah org yg cabut bulu hidung..dan duduk dikerusi yg lebih selesa..)

yg benar..
sarefina pakelle

reza said...

ur opinion..lagipon not my fav movie this year pon..in fact takder dlm top 10 pls

yg benar
-david hasselhoff-