Friday, December 14, 2007

Kid Nation Finale

Kid Nation, trully a great series,for those Haters..HAH!those who didn't even give it a friggin chance even before it was aired!..HAH!..tgk lah nanti..bila tunjuk kat tv nanti *kot,tentu ada rasanyer..baru terkapai2.."eh kena tgk Kid Nation"anyway it's a great reality series..though may seems got heart.There are shinning stars from the start and most of em grew personality wise along the show. Mah early fav and still, Morgan,Sofia,Mallory,Alex,Laurel and Micheal...really shines early on,how I wish I someday have kids like em..then there's Zach, Taylor, Greg,DK,Anjay,Migle and Nathan who I originally hate or couldn't care less..grew on me and glad that they proved me wrong..specially Zach.Then some..ehehe I don't wanna hear from anymore(don't want to sound mean) like Mike (pls shut up) and Jared.Oh there's another kid I wanted to know more of,but her screen time was wayyyy limited...her only line I heard is a funny one "Don't step on that poo!"

Now the finale, all 4 who got the gold stars really really deserves it..specially Sofia.And the look on the this is how it feels like to be proud of ur kids.I don't want to say much but Kid Nation is the warmest,coolest show this year thus far and I'm sooooo privilaged to have watched it. I went cap be warn

my gal sofia

Micheal the superstar

Laurel,another fav of mine

Mallory,cutest girl of the bunch

Last minor gold star goes to Zac!

last day drama,entah apa2

that unknown girl i like,tuh jer linenyer sepanjang season

parents coming in after 39 days

2rd major gold star goes to Morgan,well deserved,first was Sofia..most deserving

last major gold star goes to migle

shocked parents of migle

Taylor,Queen B

Nak Abih dah


I love kid nation..i will dearly miss those 40 kids


Dela said...

kid nation ni derang kene buat apa?

reza said...

membantu perempuan buta yg ingin berjaya ,dibantu oleh binatang2...


in a nutshell, they're suppose to build a nation without the supervission of elderly peeps.
no voted out system's just em building a town and making it work

kinda cool, pesta teary kekadang

Siberkop said...

Ko suka bebudak skrg?

Now thats freeky...

Melainkan u're ready now to be a good father just like Mr. Flanders.

Dela said...

ohhhhhh! mesti perempuan buta tu pandai nyanyi panggil binatang yer (we just discover dia ada kebolehan baru - dia buta tapi dia tak bisu ok)


ooh...jadi ko tgk ni utk menunjukkan kor ada fatherly love la?

reza said...

far from it!
brotherly lah...aku masih muda..hik!

Siberkop said...

'I like kids now!'(gaya Ralph Wiggum).

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. said...

idup lg ke perempuan buta itu? igtkn dah x de.

Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha.. aku suka juga.. my fav of course *ahemm Hunter, Michael, Sophia, Laurel and Morgan (ok aku biased coz all of them are from Green District!)

anyway the girl yg ko suka and ada satu line je tu her name is Gianna

aku kureng suka ending coz it seems unfair Sophia and Morgan got the star again (even aku suka diorg pun!) sebab ntah cam agak unfair.

aku lagi prefer diorg kasi satu je 50K star tu utk the one who changed / improved the most which is aku agree - Migle.

Zach and Nathan aku leh accept la.. Mike, Jared, Greg and at some point DK is still in my annoying list.

Oh and Taylor should be banished to Africa

Che underscore Lee said...

oh baru tgk tadi... pesta nangis.. aku pun nangis camne?

bapak Morgan sure bangga gile kan?

dan perlu ke mak Mike nak ckp gak? hehe..

Migle deserved that gold star

dan finally some semi-nudity showed in the green district bunk huhuhuhu!

reza said...

aku mmg nak ckp
tapi biarlah kor tgk sendiri
lagi kor tersipu2 sorang diri

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. said...

izar ko pun follow ke kisah kanak2 ni?
bapa-bapa sekelian. apa dah jd???

Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha anything to do with reality tv i'm there!

reza tgk for wrong reason.. dia pedophile!

reza said...

aah aku suka