Monday, December 24, 2007

I am pissed

I don't know bout u guys but I am Legend sorta kinda in a way, sucked.Though not the worst movie this year, far from's also not one of the best movie i've seen this year.What surprise me most is..that many people liked it, hmm weird..for me lah..luckily there are a few who like, me hated it...

I am Legend

Plot : Mr Will Smith is the last living man on earth, others have turned into violent,meat eating or should i say man eating mutant.How will he survive? and is he really the only living non-mindless human being left?

Verdict : As above, I was sorta dissapointed with this flick, probally cause I kinda like Omega Man, which this movie was based on which was also based on Last Man Standing and based on the Novel with the same title.

Probally I shouldn't have compare this movie will Omega Man throughout the whole movie but I just can't help it, the similarities is uncanny (uncanny lah :P).Anyhoot lets begin, erm basically I was impress with how New York looked post apocalypse, kinda cool and bleak...however I've seen more realistic shot of New York being deserted (Vanilla Sky)..Then...the lions and the deers...fuh now that's realistic applause for that one,Jgn PETA ngengada nyibuk udah.

I actually like the first 40 minutes but then after that, it went bleaggggggggggggggh!.Now the biggest factor why i went off, the CGI for those freaks, oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn , badddddddddddd!Based on previews I was actually glad that it looked more menacing than the ones in Omega Man, at least it does look threatening...boy was I wrong,though menacing it sucked!I actually wanted the hooded annoying freaks back(nearly)

Hmm what else, well Will Smith at first is a more refreshing hero that Charlton Heston did, cause Charlton embodies macho bullcrap while Willie is more sympathetic looking and he does seem to be battling with being lonely.I guess if I had to pick I think Will Smith did better, acting and characterwise.

Then the story went preachy,'s not enuff they gave us a crappy CGI mutant, but then it went preachy,"listen carefully", "look for the butterfly", ah whatever..and then the sudden ending..oh comeon,give the hero a proper ending...shesh..luckily the ending was kinda cool in sense of there's a new hope but all in all, i didn't enjoy this flick...6/10

Saw 4

Plot : Jigsaw's still playing people eventhough he's dead..the target?Some detectives.Let the games begin!...yet again.

Verdict : In a way, i have enuff of Jigsaw's antics...seriously get over it.Your life is ending/ended..sux to be u.The problem I have is that from what I see we all are sinners and should be tested, like for example me...I'm not loving life that much cause I watch tv 24/7 (well nearly) does that mean I don't cherish life?Should I be trialed?..hmph..anyway..these sort of villains in a way are annoying,what do you actually want?'ve prove your point..why still playing..well the best I can think of is the dude is simply saikotic, hmmm you're so going into the annoying villain list along with samara and that dark water bitch.

However though annoying, I actually applaud the still kept me guessing,who wrote this shit?..seriously since 1-2-3 till now, not one details I can officially say.."cheh aku dah agak".Bummer.Gore...i actually looked away some part...the surgery scene is ...yucky.Hence gore is on the menu...most of em made me go erk.What more to say?Actually there's nothing more...Saw's strong point is the alone deserve high 8/10

i leave with you with Lost Season 4 trailer,wooopedooooooooooo...


fadz said...

ramai tak suka i am legend hahah... aku mmg bengang dengan hantu CGI tu, tapi kalau awek kat sebelah boleh pegang2 everytime hantu keluar, that proves its smtg too, heheheh..

i love the plot thgh, paling ikut 80% of what Matherson wanted from 3/4 of the film...last2 tu boleh dipersoalkan..

saw 4 rocks kan? kurang ajar babi buat sejarah pulak kan? gila!

woi, the mist jgn lupa..

Siberkop said...

Yup, I am Legend membuatkan wanitaku agak depressed dan memalingkan kepala beberapa kali. Plot menarik tapi lepas baca tentang buku asalnya, aku lebih suka kalau mereka ikut buku. Lebih2 lagi utk ending.

Anyway nyah, aku pun rasa kita kena balik pulau tu. I tertinggal tas tangan la. Jom, jom.

reza said...

fadz:aku usha the mist dah...tak tahan...dan bagi aku best..ending gila ckp lah karang kor leh predict...tapi akan tgk wayang cause gambo aku tgk cam pap pap

ber : aku pon terlupa nak tanam hurley...jom2

ridzuan said...

aku suka jer I Am Legend...walaupun dah byk movie2 zombies sebelum ni...tapi aku suka yg ni..simple & nice..

Thank you for LOST season 4 trailer!!! Tak sabar nak tgk!! :D

reza said...

for a movie based on a book, a supposedly great book...sangat hampeh...

anyhoo napa zombies...more towards mutant..zombies mindless body...benda nih tak mindless dan mutated from our original form