Monday, November 19, 2007

Offensive yet funny as hell

The latest Drawn Together episode 3x13 gotta be one of the funniest episode this season,it was racist,rude + offensive yet wayyyyy funny.This time they poke fun of Fat Albert and the Indians. Fat Albert's storyline was a bit blaghhhh, but the Indian that one's a gem.

Toot and Foxy got into a fight where they bet that Toot must be a slut while Foxy will give up sex.Since Toot's a plus size..she might need some help in getting a man's wee wee into her.So she bought a mumu (i guess that's how it's spelt)
...feeling overjoyed she happily stroll along the parking lot and Bang an Indian family hit her with a car...what follows are some very very racial dialogues in which i can't help laughing at.Then those Indian peeps brought her home to nurse her back to health cause they taught she was a cow since she's fat and kept saying muumuu (the dress she bought)

racial remarks :

1.We have a hit the most sacred of all creature in our very sensible religion..a cow!
2.Oh my hundreds of goofy god!
3.We must take her back to our hideously decorated home and nurse her back to health with our horrible tasting food.

then, some typical Indian singing in the middle of movie happen, which was quite ok..and later Toot was brought to India since they thought she's a sacred cow god..Now the next scene is one of the funniest for me,since I happen to understand and lias with this type of people...when coming into the castle the king was on the phone with someone..

Oh ma'am did you tried alt control delete?aha bout shutting down the I'm not name is Steve from Texas!!

LOL...babi sangat!...Reminded me of the time when i was working at HSBC..with all those Indians in Hyderabad(or however u spell it)..

Then they made her into a king ..lalala more funny events which ended with my last fave scene, of some angry Indian ladies firing lasers from their forehead!...BUAWAHHAHAHAHAH bodoh lah drawn together!!..

Oh how will I miss this show,supposedly the last ep is next week..sigh.anyway fun times watching this week..Next update!...Ghost Whisperer getting surprisingly better.


Siberkop said...

Aku dah agak ko mesti suka ngutuk orang punyer.

Tapi I like that!

MEREMBES I tau nyah!

reza said...

eh bukan aku ngutuk
kor ingat aku lukis2 cartoon tuh?
unless aku one of the writers lah,but i'll never write that!...but maybe the call center part

Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha fani! demm membuatkan aku teruja nak pi amik kat ko.

anyway Kid Nation makin best!!! another change in the council??

jo jobaly ly said...

ahahaha i agree! episod ni lawak sgt walopon citer foxxy tu cam tak best.

N tat dem indian song is stuck in my head!

reza said...

izar : yep kid nation ep latest drama gilos,dan finale drawn suxxxxxxxxxx

jobaly : you know what sama, aku masa tgh lepak ngan jaa tiba2 nyanyi lagu tuh..camner?