Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moh ...del

ANTM Cycle 9 starts last Thursday,saw the chics early on through and they look alright...a step up from last season, last season was a bit dry...was rooting for the 2 plus size ladies but alas...weak i tell u ,weak!where's toccara when u need a plus size.Anywho just finished watching the first ep,good thing there's no elimination for the first ep...season premier just 1 hr ma.And after seeing the ladies,i tell ya...the prettiest bunch since erm erm...Cycle 5 i suppose.In sense of majority...cause personally the top 13 are all above avarage...seriously...all(except 1 but i'll get to that later ya) am really looking fwd for this season.As well as Survivor China.

The Cast who wants to be on Top


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First glance through pics..I was ready to hate her, I even think she might go out first.But in the audition room.She looks a ok for me.Not that she's drop dead gorgeous..but there is something there.OH her walk is niceeeeeeeee.


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Me thinks she's the least pretty of em all.Seriously she looks like those typical blacks at the mall(cam aku tinggal america jer).I don't get it.Why pick her?y Tyra y?y Y y?Get her out now...throw her overboard


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Like Ambreal, I was ready to ignore her.Then like Ambreal her personality shines..Me like what me see.Though typical looking...for a white gal.She got something2 there.


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They dubbed her the mean girl.Yeah she looks mean,acts like a bitch too.But..she not entirely ugly looking,unlike that one in Cycle 7..apa nama tu?Ala yg saiko2 sakit pastuh tak wat photoshoot tuh?*izargh!!Oh well i don't see her winning..but oklah kot.


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Weird and yet stunning looking..camner tuh?I like her...she's a bit hunchback but her photoshoot at the beach..meowwwwww!Totally rooting for her.


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One of mah early favourites from going through the pics.I always like short hair chics *i.e Naima,sara last cycle.Currently still one of mah fav..but the disposable favourite..kinda like..I'll sacrafice her to get Jenah or Lisa to go further.


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Ladies and Gents..this is mah fav.From the early scanning through the pix and first ep..she's still mah fav.Though know it all alert..aiyaaaaa!Harap kor tone it down cepat...Appart from that..I lurrrrrrrveeeeeeee her.Really can see her doing jeans ad.


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Those eyes...beautiful.Don't see much of her in the first ep..hmmm indication she might stay longer in the show?Maybe...but again..those eyes...yowZA!


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Second and really close to the first one fav.Lisa looks like Kim cycle 5.I like her she ooze sex.Hehe boleh dlm bulan puasa aku ckp camnih?Apa2 pon mah second fav..


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She has one of mah fav model/actress name..So does that automatically makes me root for her?Nope..not really into her looks.Still pretty though, but not my cup of tea.


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Hmmmm.........hmmmmmmm...doesn't intrest me much.Jolie lips..other than that..meh.


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Normal size modal..oklah kot...not really into her much..sigh..I miss Toccara.


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I kinda like her look.The hot nerdish one..kinda looked like Amanda from Buffy the Vampire Slayer..but a far hotter one.Sorta kinda a bit rooting for her..Can?

Fav to least fav : Jenah,Lisa,Heather,Janet,Kimberly,Victoria,Ambreal,Chantal,Sarah,Ebony,Mila,Saleisha and Bianca.
And then we have Survivor China..intresting no?..china..who would have thought..but i thought it was in those caves or near the wall or something..tgk2 pulau..yet again..cit.But after watching first ep..not bad..really not bad..I'm gonna try follow this one..unlike the lackluster last season.which the only good thing bout it was Yau man.This season..we have a pro wrestler, a skank waitress who needs a big slap,LUNCH ROOM LADY!,former model(perlu ke former model?abihtuh sekarang buat apa??????),gravedigger,someone who participate in the miss usa(hope its not south carolina) and others...but all in all an intresting bunch of people.I mean seriously a lunch lady???! wayyyy cool..sooo rooting for u.Am not gonna introduce one by one cause im lazy..So just naming who im rooting for.

The Lunch Lady
The asian chic (though after the end of 1st ep...i think i might jump ship..might)
The gravedigger

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Che underscore Lee said...

Yang cycle 7 saiko hell tu MONIQUE the bitch! Aku benci dia yaamat!

Lisa looks like Kim cycle 5? U mean the lesbian Kim? Takde rupa pliss.. kalau cam Nik tu ade gak la coz the hair...

Hey. Saleisha okey ape! Me rooting for her, Lisa and Jenah


Survivor China nyer lunch lady best! Me rooting for the ahem! Mormon flight attandence, grave digger and the youngest Asian dude!

reza said...

aah silap,nak ckp nik..takper k dan i ada...

actually tgk lagi mendalam, dia ada rupa nik campur jade...cause ada nampak iras2 cina skit

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. said...

lisa n janet my fav. lg sorang lupa dah sape. weh sape aku ckp kat ko dulu? saleisha ke?

oit bln2 puasa ni baek btol ko nye issue. hahahahahah......

reza said...

aku tak ingat da,rasa jenah gak...kor tgk dari gambo jer..ada yg dlm show tuh heather

delamyra said...

ala nak tgkk....kimberly cam lawa je ..mata dia cam mila

reza said...

aah, ada gak..if u want ramai jer kawan2 kor dl cik delala oi

Ed said...

root for Jenah pasal dia berani guna nama melayu (Jenab+Senah)... then janet, then lisa, then saleisha.... i can see saleisha winning cause bibir dia cam aku... hikhik.... :)

Siberkop said...

I miss u!

reza said...

kalau rindu rajin2 msg bila aku on Y!

Siberkop said...

Ngko patut tahu YM tu just decoy jer. Aku on bukan nak chat pun. Maybe need some kasih sayang.

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahahaah fani pls Cyber!!

anyway, some spoiler said Jenah wont be here for long... early boot! :P