Thursday, June 16, 2011

Post Riak

2 months prior, a good friend of mine approached me to write an article, a short one..400 plus words, for his company's online Mag.
Am a lil bit baffled, slightly ecstatic..definitely interested..cause hey bila lagi...known mag or least I'm published (kan?..twice!)..
Overall it was fun to write the articles, dunno if they'll be more or not..but I'm ok with writing more articles.

Anyway the first article is about this Australian flick that premiered online 2 months back for free! was supported by Torrent..tittled The Tunnel. Did a bit of digging for the article and true to rumors it is released online for's sorta like a fan funded movie..kudos really...but where are you gonna get back the money is beyond recently I legally download that movie...and it was ok...kinda slow..and with the Aussie slang and all I got tired after some time..However the villain was looked menacing under the night vision..but overall in the end it kinda fell flat comparing to all those far greater hand held movies created prior to this...but the movie is OK...just OK...allright that's it..till next time! -n-