Monday, August 07, 2006

I cried

Yep I cried last Friday,not under the shower mind u.Ok let me tell u the y.Just a bit of an intro.Have u guys heard any statement from anyone or any movie related?
I had a couple that sticks in my head like

Jerry Mcguire : U Complete Me

Billy Loomis going : What's your favourite Scary Movie..

or even

Mallrats : U know what!There is no Easter Bunny!.

but last Friday someone made a statement that made me cry..Ok here's the situation,there's this new guy at my office.His name is Irwan(patut lah mulut azab...KIDDING IRWAN!BAINUN)he's a bit of a racist.I wont say what race is it that he always complain about..but base on what i'm gonna say..u guys might know which race i'll be refering to.

First day on the floor.He already made a statement.

Irwan : Apersal banyak sangat kaum *@*@$&$@ kat opis nih yeh..derang bukannyer pandai sangat pon

and he said it out loud.and I was soo shocked..Seriously there is a place to say these thing and not to mention the volume!There are other racial statements but I wont say it anymore..with the exception of....

THEN....last Friday..he did it again.At that time I was trying to avoid him at all cost..cause I dont want to look like a racist too,since everytime he made a statment I would be there.Unfortunately...I had to sit beside him cause there weren't enuff space..and as predicted..he made a statement.


Irwan : Eh reza, ada ke patut customer nih tanyer aku dari @!%!# ker??!?!

Aku : Erm biasa ah tuh.Aku pon selalu kena (sambil membuat keje amal..cuba ignore nih cause i know a statement will come out)

Irwan : Tak lah..beza sial kitanyer slang ngan derang.

Aku : *dah berpeluh dah, dan cuba sedaya upaya takmo layan.

Irwan : Derang nyer slang lain lah.Derang bunyi lebih cam LULULULULULULULULULULULULULU(lidah sampai terkeluar2 cam tgh jilat benda..dan bunyi cam red indian nak gi serang orang)

Aku : WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH BABI LAH KAMU! (sampai nangis2 aku gelak nih!)

end story..

Effect : While I was praying..the lululu suddenly entered my mind and i started laughing(yeah aku tau aku tak kusyuk).Then when i got back,i went online to see if anyone is around so i can spread the love..luckily there was azmir.


ok moving on.I went to see The Dorm cause i've been dying to see it since forever!...but never had the chance until last Saturday..btw before i move on lets just say i had a hell of a time shopping.

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So dorm.How was it?..before going into the cinema i did a bit of a check with Fadz's blog(the one stated as Since He Linked Me on the right)...and after going throught the dorm exprience..yeah i gotta say i agree with is a coming of age story.It started out kinda like a horror story..but it ended as a coming of age story.Let me also point out that I saw this story with Noi and another friend who shall be nameless for the time beeing.And watching it with noi i went auww remember the times in those dorm days..blah2 yada2.Yeah this movie does bring back many memories.Like going to the toilet at nite.The "ampaian",though the bathing room was diffrent..(dunno bout the girls one though)...and then the slighty strick headmaster..(cikgu normah anyone)all in all It's a lovely story...

But there was a high volume of male bonding going on in there which made me go "izar izar izar"(im serious.)but i could look pass it since they were kids.And then the LOL jokes in the most outrages time..seriously it was suppose to be a sad or scary momment but mostly i laugh when I heard the stupid statements came out from the kids mouth.

And not to forget.I also found it funny when the headmistress opened the drawer and started crying.Like MOVE ON LADY!...if any of ur students see this they'll think ur mad!.Before i get bang for this comment..let me just state,yeah i get it she felt guilty..but the way they showed it and how she choose to remind herself of the a wee bit silly for me.But that's just me.Anyway it is a good movie.I would recommend it.

last minute note.I applaud my friend who picked up on a twist the first 20 minute..good for u!

Rating meter : Tarian cangkul Jaa.. aka 3.5/5

Before me leave u guys..i really gotta post this.Yo soy betty la fea..remember that spanish tv series?it'll be remake for an american audience!Now that i gotta see!...still remember those times when i skip halfway through maya class(patut lah marks tuk maya cam kaput)..and ran home(to my room) to watch betty in my mini tv which one day blew up.Here's the link

nite people..N


Siberkop said...

Your !^)!@% people are useless!

(Baca ikut gaya LULULULU yg unik itu)

thanezra said...

ahahah u bitch

JO said...

lawak sangat "lulululululu" tu. somehow terbayangkan dela saying it when she's getting popped.
is tat weird?

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahaha buduh la LULULULU tuh... shilake sgt statement tu plis hahahaha...

dan asal male bonding je aku la??

reza said...

jo : so weird

izar : it's only telling the truth

milo boyd said...

benci terpakse menahan gelak di office...emo lantas lululululululu

Ed said...

hahha... dorm... teringat pasal hantu Ruby... yg mengandung tapi berlari2 anak di atas bumbung block A. Dan boyfren nyer yg memanggil2 budak2 pompuan kat blok B tengah2 malam... brrrr....

Siberkop said...

I dah tonton dorm.

Sangat fun!

Itu jer yg I tahu la. Berani kasik 8/10 kat IMDB.

reza said...

siber : wah tinggi gila..i had a few things that turn me off..kalau tak mmg leh tinggi

milo a.k.a J : nak aku perkenalkan?

ed : setahu aku mana ada jantan kacau block wanita?

Ed said...

owh ko x dgr citer yg berlaku di B9 ek... bilik wan nurul.... ada jantan panggey roommate wan... mintak tolong....

reza said...

taktau,aku tak dengor gossip budak2 aspuri...:D

Anonymous said...

mmmm???? better check back the history behind the story. huhuh

reza said...

x faham apa kor refer kat nih...adakah ednyer post atau the dorm...atau anything else

Ed said...

reza tipu... dulu dia la kaki gosip dgn budak2 aspuri... tak caya tanya mama rojit... kesayangan reza...

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahaha aku percaya sgt reza kaki gossip... kalau tak dia tak subscribe kat IzarNewsNetwork okey!

noi said...

"anonymous" refer kat cite ed la.
huahuahua... mama rojit ala2 mama reza jugak.. keskeskes..
btw ed, aku pun x tau kisah ruby kat aspuri.

reza said...

seeeeeeeee junaidi wat cerita dongeng