Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

No more working picking up calls from those brits!WOHOOOOOOO!..for those who don't know i quit my old job and got a new one starting on Monday..and its thanks to Jaa and Azreen.Thanks guys...gonna enjoy working with familiar faces from now on.
So sorry it took me awhile to update...went out to have a little fun during the 4 days break that i have till work starts again.Now's the chance to do a little bit of updating..well so far I saw lots of new movies..and old ones that i had miss..but one im gonna talk bout now is the new series Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (which have already ended)

It's a collection of Stephen Kings short stories that is made into a movie..some enjoyable some snorefest..but all in all not a bad series.Oh another thing...i loveeeeeeeeeee the tittle sequence...stunning!

1. Battleground.

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Plot : A hitman was sent to kill a toymaker,after finishing the job suprisingly someone sent him a box full of army men(u know the green army toys)who came to life to wreck havoc.

Verdict : Now this is really fun episode..and with no dialogues whatsoever(unless u count grunting and screaming a dialogue)now that's special!The effects are cool enuff(remembering those days when i watched toy soldier)Acting wise William Hurt is the bomb!...and the pacing is not at all boring...unlike most Stephen King stories(which sometimes is good though)

2.Crouch End

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Plot : An American couple honeymooning in London, goes to a friend's house for dinner but end up stranded in the mysterious Crouch End district.Think Silent Hill.

Verdict : Another visually stunning episode..this episode strongest point is seriously the style and visual.Spook factor not that much..and few jumps here and there.Storywise..kinda ok...a bit confusing..but basically u really gotta undestand Mr.Kings F@$!@ up mind.Acting wise...nuthing to scream about but Claire Folrani is hottttttttttttttt!She alone made me glued to the screen.

3.Ummey's Last Case.

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Plot : A private eye in the 30's learned that he is a made up character for a book.And the writer wants to take his place in the book.(basically he wants to exchange lives)

Verdict : This is seriously like a straight out from a Twilight Zone episode.It's more of a mystery episode than a horror one(in fact there's nuthing scary bout this movie) it's a bit funny at times but I think the strongest point of this movie is Willam H Macy's acting(izar kata muka dia cam bulldog..which is kinda true)He executes both of his character excellently(ada ke ly kat bakang?).All in all an intresting story but not my cup of tea.

4.The End of the Whole Mess

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Plot : A young genius, Bobby Fornoy, comes up with a chemical cure for human violence. With the aid of his brother Howie, he comes up with a way to implement it worldwide. But the “cure” comes with a horrible side effect.

Verdict : Another episode that has Twilight Zone written all over it.But i like this one better that the previous entry.Premise is great...plot is intresting and the acting top notch,it's great to see Henry Thomas(after that disaster MOH episode) and Ron Livingston here.Also its been a long time since i see a good brotherly love movie.

5.The Road Virus Heads North

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Plot :On the way back from a check-up a writer stumbles upon an intresting piece of art/painting.Falling it love with it..he bought it.Later he notice that the picture keeps changing wherever he goes.And it also doesnt help that the person's picture on the paiting is scary as hell.

Verdict : It started out really scary..the painting is seriously disturbing.THEN nearing the end it fall flat.Y?Well to start off..i didnt understand at all what the heck the ghost wanted.Secondly it ended just like that(aku tgh snap finger nih)A pity cause it really started out good.Acting wise is ok..not a big fan of Tom Berenger.All in ok ep.

6.The Fifth Quarter

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Plot : A conman is set release only to find his ex partner in crime was shot.But before he died he asked the conman to pick up where he left off.

Verdict : I really dont get it..this story has nothing to do with nightmares OR dreamscape...its basically a straight up story about a con getting revenge.So what?..shesh..i was hoping for a monster or anything to come up and bite somebody's ass.That didn't happend.The only good thing I can think of bout this movie is Jeremy Sisto..who've always been one of my fav actors..and the ending which is kinda cool...apart from that...snoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

7.Autopsy Room Four

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Plot : A business fall dead on a golf field..and is brought to an autopsy room to figure out what happend.What the surgeon there doesnt know that the dude is still alive..but paralyze.

Verdict : Here here..this is my fav episode.Its funny!Love the dialogues!Plot is simple but the way they drag this movie to be a none boring 1 hour show is sooooo cool..i was attached to the screen the whole time.Another thing to note is that i've wondered before whatever happend to the dude who played Billy in IT well i've been answered.

8.You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band

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Plot : A couple is stumbles upon a weird town which is populated by dead superstars.(elvis to name one)

Verdict : Not a bad episode..but also not that good either.The idea has been done a lot of times..and truthfully im getting tired..if they had bought any spooky things into the picture i might be slightly more intrested..but to be scared by elvis??! i dont think so.Personally i think this is a bad episode to end the series.OH but theres Steven Weber in this movie...but he did nuthing..just moan and groan.

me rate :

1.autopsy room four
3.the end of the whole mess
4.crouch end
5.umney's last case
6.the road virus heads north know the got a hell of a band
8.the fifth quater


ajurina said...

good luck new job

Che underscore Lee said...

William H Macy memang ala2 bulldog sket la.. But I'll do him anytime huhu.. camne confession bleh??

Ouh dan aku ade nampak mamat Billy dalam IT tu berlakon some red indian movie ape tah before this..

p/s: Good Luck new job gaks! sorry about the car!!

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