Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crappy miss call

Yeahhh watched another remake, nih pon tgk cause Dela dah tgk earlier ngan Scully, emo..dan Dela kata not good or apa kata cuba kan..though I read yg mmg agak mostly negative reviews..tapi apa lah salah usha horror2 movie nih..lagipon the next one coming pon entah bila.Oleh kerana tiada sapa di rumah and minggu nih keje siang *sampai arinih jer, so bergegas lah aku tgk 1 missed call ngan mohdel..

Plot : College students gets killed off one by one after receiving miss call from themselves in the future

Verdict : Base on plot itself actually dah agak menarik perhatian,dan i did see the original cuma takder subtitle..aku main belasah jer usha..but apa yg aku nampak mmg freaky lah gak..but cause wondering minds want to know..aku nak gak tgk remake nih cause aku tak faham the original story walaupon kazumi dah explain.

Now the review, premise is great, kinda freaky knowing/indicate how u die in the future..but how they actually show it?haiyaaa...production value for me is way lowww!'s nearly laughable.The suckiest thing bout the movie is definately the Dialogues...apakah?!!!dan ler pelakon2nyer yg deliver kaku semacam..again..apakah!specially anything to do with the detectives..(tambah yg cina besar tuh).Then the actors...haihhhhhhhh..I dunno if it's Ed Burns acting ability or whatnot..but he's stiff!Lovely Shannon also failed beyond believe..The supportings?toksah ckp ah...majority nyer cam celaka..but mostly I blame the scripts..script bad = limited acting ability.Let's list the worst actors in the movie...

Makcik Detective - baca script gila
Makcik Jaga Rumah Anak Yatim - desprate gila nak deliver line,she's actually the funniest..she was like..when's my scene..when's my scene..tiba2 deliver terus :))
Ed Burns - belakon demi duit
Shannon - cam malas belakon (Jesicca Alba isnt she ur fav star, actually did better)
Minah Latin - Errrr..needs more acting lessons
Meagan Goode - Ada semata2 nak tayang cleavage,yeah! tunduk lagi

As for the most anticipated girl, Azura Skye..sigh..her scenes are not memorable enuff.Now more on the bad,scares are CHEAP!..boom here boom there..they rely more on the BOOM sounds rather than really scaring people..and this happens a lot!The final scenes also was kinda lackluster but oklah least it's not toooooo american.

The Good, there is one scene which was slightly scary,the air vent at least it didn't follow 100% like the original..except the Reality Tv scene(I actually was expecting the same gory scenes like the original)..the ending was slightly ok..though how Shannon manage to stay alive still baffles me..need explanation NOW!...oh and the ringtone is cool..takut.One last thing..the ghost are a bit better than the Eye ghost,still trying too hard..but at least better.Dan cam Dela cakap...hantu bayi pegang phone laughable...

All in all, 3/10 AVOID! at any cost..

esok tgk Jumper!!!akan review dlm post sama!wehooooooo!


Plot : About this dude who have the ability to teleport anywhere!..yeah anywhere..somewhat like nightcrawler but cooler in sense of the distance.U see, in the blink of an eye, he would be in Egypt..just like that!*snap fingers.

Verdict : Pretty Cool flick,I'll just make this short cause I'm at work..slightly bored but still need to work.Well like earlier, it's a cool flick, nothing really awesome..effects lah kot..yg wow,and the powers but going through like 3/4 of the movie it got old a bit...specially the Jamie and Hayden's chase scene..bamf(bunyi nightcrawler teleport) satu dunia. Plot oklah kot..good enough..aku tak ngantuk pon..that's a good thing, walaupon mmg ada draggy skit..Rachel Bilson was underuse...bummer..and Hayden is still shock there..Personally the star for me is Jaime Bell...Sam playing himself..annoying,macho and works..erm appart from that nothing else kot..I'll definately remember some parts for like 1 month or so..but will forget it as soon after an awesome movie comes by, all in all 6


Che underscore Lee said...

ko mmg tgk wayang tiap2 hari ke?

Dela said...

Aku suka jumpeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr! best :D hero dia nyum juga :P baru tgk mlm smalam!

reza said...

cili : tak lah..bila ada masa lapang tgk jer ah..dan nih outing ngan member2 lama lah

dela : wow kor laju skrg yeh

Dela said...

so happen smalam aku kuo..gamaknyer abg nak tgk ironman... gk2 cam eh ironman tak de...jumper ada...haros beli...

dah la line smalam berjela tak hengat...fed up langsung pegi ke booking booth walopon tak book pon. berjaya pulak tuh. aku tak guna aksi tunduk yer. itu kak yg jaga booth.

milo boyd said...

aku dah tgk gak kelmarin..(kelip2 mata bersinar)..aku sukkkkaaa!!! walaupon ade beberapa mende yg cam crap...motif kau paladin??

setuju dgn dela..mmg agak pundek nak book sme full..harus kene tunggu booked tiket release!!

thanezra said...

wahhhhhh sekarang semua kuar nyorok2 yeh..paladin tuh fanatics..tapi over.

milo lain kali sila tunduk kat counter, jamin dapat...jgn jump Q, kalau tak kena hello awesome cam aku kasik arituh kat anican mengong mana entah

milo boyd said...

sape main nyorok2? dela?

aahhaha its okey..aku sampai time tuh pon dah nak release tiket dah pon..n makcik tuh mmg layak kene HELLOO ngan kau!

sam jackson best? pfft..
stereotype..4ever character camtuh..