Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reason not to watch Cycle 10

It's no secret that i'm watching ANTM since the very beginning,that's to Jurina stone.And it lasted till Cycle how time's not only cause of the pretty's also bout the drama and also the pix, seriously..i enjoy pretty pics..howeverrr..I actually had enuff of Top Model...and's not cause of Saleisha won..I was bitter true..but that's not the main reason I'm hating top model..

7. Have you looked at the latest cast?...seriously..what happen..last season was the prettiest for me...but alas they pick kiss ass Saleisha to win..whatever.I'm not gonna say fugly cause that's just plain me...but..what the?..

They wanna be on top

6.Mr. Jay...I can't take more of u...ur mean and full of it.

5.Nigel Barker...I've been on ur case since Cycle 3 when u shrug off one of the Japan judges comment''s one thing to shrug it's another to be actually saying ur looking for ANTM not what the hell are u doing in Japan..and need the Japan judge opinion..and he talks bout respect..jeeeeeez. Oh yeah and he's overly sensetive..go model somewhere..ur bugging my tv.

I should have gone Week 3

4.Racism...Tyra tends to keep some of the darker ladies a tad longer than they should...and I'm NOT the only one who notice this..exhibit A Dione..sure she's kinda pretty..but her pics..apakah..non is stunning..Exhibit B..Bianca, I'll give her credit..she does have a couple of good pics..but she's not top 4 material! Exhibit C...Jeada...she got the worst portfolio...ever!..ok not saying that only blacks lasted longer for this..there is...Anne and Jade...but the black gals seems to last longer than the whites or some other ethnic.There's more BTW, Bre..Eugena etc..

3."I'm not going to cast another black bitch " quoted Tyra in Cycle 3...HELLOOOOOOOOO ur still casting em..sshhhhhheeeeeeeeesh.What's that idiots name..i think it's god why is she even in the house..someone drown her plsssssss!Luckily she didn't last that long.

2.Tyra's a bully, I think tyra's overplayed showing Ebony (Cycle 9) and Cassandra downfall..I actually blame them for quitting but Tyra's really making a case out of it.Enough is enough bitch..u don't have to slap em on the face over and over.


1. TYRA BANKS...once upon a time I respected Tyra...well not anymore..I actually prefer watching Janice sometimes..rather than that phony Tyra.I especially hated when she's playing Jenah "U now found urself"...apa2 jer lah ngok.She already found herself..ur just making it hard for her.And let's face it..Plus size won't ever win..Sara seriously could have been there's Tocarra..but nooooo only in the middle.Tyra just wanna make herself look like a saint.They are other reasons under tyra,but it's just too much to list...whatever it is..I won't be watching..unless Milo or Jaa say it's actually good..Ala bukan rating jatuh pon aku tak tgk kan..


I now rest..


Che underscore Lee said...

AHAHAHAHA waaahhh sampai boikot nih!

Aku agree dengan semua benda pliss! Especially bab ugly black stay lama (not being racist) mostly sebab DRAAMA! Jade, Bre, Bianca, Eugena, Dionne.. apekah??

Nape black yg cun2 awal je out (Felicia!) Ouh sib baik that bitch Monique (and Brandy!) kuar awal!

Ouh dan plus size mmg xkan menang. Toccarra should be at least top 3. Diane should be at least top 5. Whitney & Diana should last longer.. Sara pun!

Dan Mr Jay lagi pondan dari Miss J. Aku nyampah gile Mr Jay

Tyra sucks!! dan ada vagina armpits

ouh aku masih akan tgk dan bitching about it AHAHA!

milo boyd said...

hahah agree dgn sme statement di atas..yes nigel..sgt sensitive yg cam aku rase.perlu ke kau nak oversensitive nih?? especially kat jenah..padahal bukannya ape pon pompan tu ckp..nak sentap over2 apehal??

u know whut..aku tgk sbb nak tgk gamba chantik je..1st episode all the drama aku skip.. tak boleh tahan..n nigga will always be a nigga..bodoh..satu kaum pon nak bergaduh..blagak bagus!

american idol makin hawt!! moh nengok!!!!

Razli said...

Tapi kalo ko dah tak tgk ANTM sama mcm Cyber dah tak tgk live EPL.

reza said...

erk! tapi razz...takyah ada aku pon model takkan hancus..

milo : maka tak best mana kan season nih?

izar : tuh lah...tyra u sucked ass!

milo boyd said...

biase2 je..kalo best nnt aku ckp..

oh btw..pi ah tgk 'Dan in real life'..aku suka..citer family funny2 sweet cool.. :D n ofkius..comedy romantic..(kelip2 mata bersinar)

reza said...

yeh?tapi vantage point juga menarik...walaupon satu pawagam gelak..dan orang sbelah aku over..(bukan ur guy yeh izar!)...aku rasa cerita tuh menarik

Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha Vantage Point menarik sebab ihihihikss!.. dan dapat dok sebelah Cyber ihihihiksss...

ouh baru donlod Dan In Real Life.. akan tengok esok lepas class yg maha hanjeng..

Siberkop said...

Aha, aha nyah, Vantage Point tak nak review(takyah review apa yg Izar buat kat aku)?

Anyway, walaupun aku tak berapa tahu pasal ANTM ni tapi gambar terakhir Tyra yg ko cakap 'poyo' tu, mmg, erm, seswai!

(Mamat pengawal kat belakang tu lagi merah blusher dia. Eeeee)

reza said...

AHAHAHHA ok comment pesal pengawal belakang tuh lawak..aku sendiri tak perasan...

Vantage Point takyah review lah nyah..malas..but...aku dengar ada burung ckp Frenchie tuh kata u cute! oh my..kor ada market kat french

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahahahaha betul!!!

milo boyd said...

hoi tgk tak ajak aku!! main sorok2 ye skang??

Ed said...

aku suka vantage point... tapi aku rasa reza takkan komen nyer... psl dia tak suka layan citer2 drama mcm tu... if u guys notice la... sbb dia dpt follow lost pun dah hebat dah... hehehehe... nway aku bukan big fan antm pun... hehehehe... season 6 jer kot fav aku... pasal jade, danielle dan joanie kot... hahaha... joanie my all time fav... ada org kata cycle 6 bosan.. tapi aku suka...

Che underscore Lee said...

dia skang mmg suka tgk wyg senyap2.. selective friends jer yg invited :P

reza said...

aku ajak milew yeh..dia yg kata takder duit...

anyhoo...mohdel..Vantage Point, aku boleh layan...cuma malas time..dan dah hilang for ANTM C6...hmm bagi aku buhsan..tapi at least finale good..

fav tetap Cycle 3 & 4