Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Eye 2008

Yeahhhh! tadi ada orang setuju tgk The Eye remake..yeah another remake..xpalah..tgk jer..mana tau best cam Dawn of the Dead, just to name a few.Oh yeh dan nak ban sushi king, sekali meal rm30??mampus aku..haih..rasa nak lari jer kuar tadi.

Anyhoot, The Eye 2008

Plot : Blind Jessica Alba recieve an eye transplant..she's happy bout it but soon realize that some of the people she's seeing are ghost..shudders~

Verdict : It was ok..I guess.Problem's basically the same as the 2/3 of the movie..nothing different (*just like The Omen)Everything from plot to ghost appearance all came out near the expected time.So no shocker going through the movie here. Then the ghosts..I get it they want to make it slightly different , but boy did they get it wrong..the angel or ghost guide looks stupid..very american,and this one time we (me and azmir) saw the ghost actually somewhat roar and clench its fist implying its pissed.Other ghost?..nearly the same but less no shock factor for me.

Mizz Alba..still don't like her, hot bod but something bout her annoys me, and personally I don't think she's right for this sort of movie, maybe comedy (like her cute undie scenes in Good Luck Chuck) but definately no-no in serious movies.Parker Posey...whyyyyyyyyyy, I love that chick but she looks bored in here.Alessandro,another actor I sorta like,but his character is Unnesessary mean and boring..and like Parker,he looks bored.

What else,story? well nothing much,it's the same, only the ending is a bit different (in which i hate)..Oh, just like to point out..The Eye is one of the great movies that I love which doesn't need a death count..I usually watch horror for it's death but this movie doesn't need it(like the Others)..however I would actually love to see the director choose the Asian ending,the american one is just too

All in all, oklah kot...5/10

p/s : masa kat pawagam ada minah india nih kuar gi toiler(kot), pastuh tiba2 dia muncul balik ngan sari nyer terbang2nyer..terkejut eden..aku lagi terkejut dgn tuh dari the whole ghosts combine in this movie..leh?..kehadiran akak indian tuh.. 10/10


Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha ok fani.. kalau aku pun cuak kot kalau ade tetiba sari terbang2 dlm wayang!!

reza said...

ahahah yeah...did i mention sari dia putih?...well no i did.

Dela said...

kan best kalau remake ni last2 ada scene kassim selamat, last2 dia cam emo ngan mata dia sendiri, cocok teros ngan garfu.

thanezra said...

dela u figure out the ending

Dela said...

yeah yeah. eh betul ker. benci. baca spoiler lah